exam fever.

Almost every researcher has to go through a few courses and quite a few exams. Courses are considered to be helpful to further a student’s insight into a subject. However, only professors consider so. Students generally take a couple of core courses related to their research interest and the remaining are taken to get a balance of good grades and less load, to fulfil the credit requirements.

Typical things happen in the life of a researcher when he has an exam:

  • he is not seen at gymkhana in the evening.
  • he does not look around for known faces while going from hostel to the department and in the reverse direction.
  • all the discussion on the lunch/snacks/dinner table is centered around how many students failed in the course last year (breakfasts are skipped because of nightouts).
  • if n = no of times a student concentration gets diverted while reading notes, m = no of times a student reads notes, and d = no of days remaining for the exam, then the value of (m + n) does not change even when d goes on reducing. This is also called the law of conservation of diverted reads.
  • his face on the day of the exam looks as if he is coming from the funeral of his best friend or as if he is going to die the same day.

After the exam, the first thing he wishes to do peacefully, and which does not occur to him naturally is one of the following:

  • sleep.
  • going to latrine.

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One Response to “exam fever.”

  1. Palash Says:

    Sabka yahi haal rehta hai at the time of exams

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