comparing professors.

Students have a very bad habit of comparing different professors. The notions of comparison have a wide variety, all the way from looks to intellectual abilities. Some typical comparisons of two professors P1 and P2 are noted here.

  • P1 is too strict with his lecture flow. He does not allow you to think out of the box. P2 is too lenient. His classes are full of chaos, like fish market. Moreover, you really dont have a flow of what’s going on!
  • P1 comes in Innova. P2 has an old bicycle.
  • P1 looks so cute. Had he been not in teaching, he would have been in Bollywood. I first mistook P2 for a cleaner in the department.
  • P1 has the style of asking “Got the point?”. P2 says, “Those of you who did not understand this, raise your hands.”, and nobody ever does!
  • Yesterday, I saw P1 with his wife. He had a plastic bag of vegetables and fruits. He was walking behind his wife. It was so amusing to see him that way! P2 is unmarried.
  • P1 is a printing machine, he has so many publications. I wish! P2 publishes maximum two papers every year, but each of his papers is like WOW!
  • P1 is very strict in grading, students generally get marks in binary. P2 is that way very lenient, but you should have written down something in the answer-sheet.
  • All the shirts of P1 are new. P2 seems to have only two shirts.
  • P1’s favorite student is Gullu. P2’s favorite student is bhOndOO.
  • P1 gives lot of assignments. P2 gives lot of assignments.

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3 Responses to “comparing professors.”

  1. Karthick Says:

    A very nice comparison!!!
    only some t/f test is missing 🙂

  2. iisc Says:

    Thanks Karthick.

  3. Thriveni Says:

    What about the grey professors in between?

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