finishing assignments.

bhOndOO’s professors just love giving assignments. Sometimes, bhOndOO thinks that if his professors have nothing to do, they give assignments. Maintaining balance of mind while working on four assignments of four courses is not a joke! bhOndOO is more careful these days about assignment submissions, because once he sent Graphics assignment to Modeling and Simulation’s professor. He realized it when he got 1/10 while Mani who copied his assignment got 8/10. It is rumoured that ModSim professor liked the 3D view of objects and hence allotted the mark.

bhOndOO has Algorithms exam day after tomorrow, but currently he is working on Architecture assignment. He has to, because he has to submit it before 00:00 tonight. He has taken the readings from Shami (Shami has taken the readings from Gullu and written a script to modify the values randomly by a value between -2.3 and 2.3. The script is in the biggest demand tonight). bhOndOO thinks that he should do the modifications to the readings manually because he is skeptical about the range (-2.3, 2.3), despite Shami’s multiple attempts to make him understand. bhOndOO’s argument is that because there are 47 students in the class, apart from him, if he uses the script, the readings will randomly match with at least one person in the class.

bhOndOO has done the modifications and needs to plot the graph. He has overheard that one needs to use gnuplot. He is now reading Another hour spent.
The graph is plotted. Though it is not as smooth as Gullu’s graph, he is not really bothered about that. He is currently only worried about the submission that needs to be done within the next three hours.

“bhOndOO, coffee.”. Though it was supposed to be a question, bhOndOO heard it more like an order and followed Mani and Shami. Back to lab within 15 minutes.

As they enter the lab, they realize that the lab is empty! What happened? Mani: Did everyone go for coffee? Shami: Assignment submission postponed? bhOndOO: Bomb?

Suddenly, one of them sees a big crowd in the corner at BenJi’s desk. “What’s the matter?”. “BenJi has found a link to a student’s homepage at UIUC who has kept his assignments on his homepage and …

Within the next half an hour half of the lab gets empty.

bhOndOO’s conscience is like a calamity: it pops up when most unwanted. “Taking readings is fine, but copying the whole assignments is not good. I will only refer to the answers to check whether mine are correct.”, he gets into the deal with himself. Two hours remaining.

There are ten questions that need to be answered from the graph. bhOndOO solves the first one and is very happy to check that it is correct. Now he does calculations for the second and gets an answer of 64 Kilobytes. Before looking at the UIUC site, he is not happy! He knows that the answer should be 32 Kilobytes. Well, he mistakenly had a passing eye on the answer to the second question while looking at the first answer. He thinks for a while and tries to divide every quantity in his calculations by two. But nothing sounds logical. He looks around, sees that everyone is busy with their assignments, and modifies his answer to 32 Kilobytes.

Out of ten, he answers three questions on his own and copies seven. It is 23:50. Lets submit it. He tar-gzips his files and sends it by email to the professor at 23:58. His conscience is not allowing him to be happy, but at least he feels okay that he would get good marks. Everyone else in the lab is now doing one of the following:

  • orkutting.
  • chatting.
  • blogging or reading blogs.
  • reading news.

bhOndOO looks around and thinks about spending some time with internet before going to hostel, and looks back at his screen. He finds the homepage of the UIUC student. He reads his main page, publications (which is empty), photos, bookmarks, and from bookmarks reaches the course webpage for Computer Architecture. There are class timings, first mid-term paper, assignment sheet 1, answers, … and marks! He clicks and sees a list of 30 students and their marks. His eye searches for the word “Christopher” and finds that the column next to the word contains 2.


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5 Responses to “finishing assignments.”

  1. Naveen Francis Says:

    Dont you think at a premier institute like IISc they should reduce the assignment burden leading to fruitful discussions from well digested thoughts leading to innovation. I guess IITs and IIScs claim to specialise in coaching rather than research only as a justification for their bad performance in research. Why is that there is no student organisation for quality education to keep your professors on their toes and focus on teaching.I gather instead teaching most professors try to look learned and perform fiats of mental maths. Speed maths is not about science or mathematical modeling, it is about circus.
    I am preparing for GATE. But then after hearing from a lot of IISc students, I have dropped the idea of getting into IISc for now unless you take action and make it a better place.
    I wish you are able to act with lightning speed.I also construe your article as an attempt to expose the IISc.


  2. iisc Says:

    Thanks Naveen for putting down your thoughts here. This blog was not started with the intention to expose IISc – but I know, I am doing it to some extent. As I mention in the initial blog entries, it is for having fun. Please do not look at it very seriously. Perhaps, you will be able to get what I wish to say when you join IIT or IISc.

    About the research in IISc, what you heard is wrong. There are many areas on which a wonderful research is being done here. If you are keen on research front, I would suggest you to join MS/PhD programme in IISc, which according to me, is very good.

    About the course load, I agree that more assignments do not necessarily increase the intellectual abilities of students. However, those are really very helpful later. Once all the unnecessary fats from your belly is removed, you yourself feel much better to take on the further tasks of doing serious research. And assignments do teach you a lot — apart from the courses.

    There are students like bhOndOO who copy assignments — it is there in any institute. But please do not let that make a bad impression on you of the whole of IISc or IIT. These institutes are world renowned for a reason; and you cannot deny that.

    Best Wishes.

  3. please take me with you. « iisc life. Says:

    […] partner in every act, every event, every activity of yours; may that be your dinner at Nesara, your assignment submissions, or your advisor meetings. I have always been with you, through your tough moments, through your […]

  4. transcripts. « iisc life. Says:

    […] doing nothing. He kept thinking about the courses, exams, and assignments. He remembered how he finished assignments, how he submitted them, and how assignments got deleted. “I should have done the assignments […]

  5. Sunil Says:

    Hi Rupesh ,
    It’s good to remember IISc and it’s awesome environment in some way. I chose to follow your blog 🙂 we all love your blog.

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