bhOndOO meets mahatma gandhi.

It was Oct 02. bhOndOO was checking his list of friends in Yahoo! messenger to chat with someone. But everyone seemed to be away from their computers. bhOndOO was getting bored. He realized that all of his college friends and friends who were working must be sleeping to make full use of this holiday.

He knew that he was alone in the lab, but then he realized that someone was standing in a corner with a weapon. The involuntary action made him turn and look at the corner. He saw an old man wearing a pancha, holding a stick, with oval spects, and a simple smile. “I have seen this man somewhere… Correct! On my 100-rupee note… Oh my God! This is Gandhiji!”. Gandhiji smiled wider. “How are you, bhOndOO?”. “… I am… fine, Bapu… Gandhiji.”, bhOndOO muttered while standing up in a hurry, not being able to believe his eyes and ears.

“How come you called me?”. “Me? I… I did not call you, Gandhiji. I haven’t talked about you since years.”. “You were thinking about me.”. “Was I?”. “Okay, I leave then…”.

“No! Wait… please wait! Yes, I was thinking about you. I have to confess a few things to you.”. Gandhiji smiles, “Go on.”.

“Bapu, since I joined IISc, I have not acted truly. I have done many things that I knew were wrong, but I could not stop myself from doing.”. bhOndOO paused.



  • I told Gullu that I would lend him the book on Linear Algebra, but did not give him yet, because I think, he would score more than me.
  • I saw that the Mazaa drink at the Tea Kiosk had MRP of Rs 9, but when the shopkeeper asked me for Rs 10, I did not object; but I felt very bad later.
  • I copied assignment… and I let others copy mine.
  • Last Tuesday, I had not done the programming part, but I told my advisor that I had almost finished it.
  • I told my parents that I have passed in the last semester, but actually, I failed in Functional Programming.
  • I keep checking Shami’s scraps on Orkut, to keep an eye on her activities.

I have not been true to my family, friends, and teachers. Not that I don’t realize this, but I am not able to gather courage to be true. These things have been pressing me for so long. I could not talk to anyone. I want to come out of this, Bapu. I want to live a simple life.”.

“Son, you at least have a courage to accept your fault. Dont fear. Simply go and talk to each one of them. They may get angry at first, but they will appreciate your true character some day. More important than that is, you will restart believing your self. Do not worry about losing, for if you do, it was never yours. You will at least be happy with yourself.”.

“bhOndOO, coming to Tea Kiosk?”, Gullu opened the lab door.

bhOndOO looked at the door and then back at the corner: there was nobody.

“Coming?”, Gullu reiterated.

bhOndOO kept looking at Gullu for a second and then said, “Gullu, I wish to confess something.”. Gullu was surprised to hear that. He came near. “You had asked me for the Linear Algebra book. I did not give you the book, because…, I thought…, you would score higher.”.

Gullu did not know what to speak, but then smiled, patted on bhOndOO back, and “Hey bhOndOO, it’s okay yaar. I also sometimes get jealous of you when you score more than me. But that is part of competition. Let it not affect our friendship.”.

bhOndOO felt better. A battle was won, war was on. They both went to the Tea Kiosk.

“Two Mazaas.”. Gullu gave Rs 20 to the shopkeeper, took the bottles and started leaving.

“One minute.”, bhOndOO said, and turned to the shopkeeper, “This bottle contains MRP as Rs 9. Return two rupees.”. The shopkeeper bluffed, “You go anywhere, Sir, you will get it for Rs 10.”. “Okay, then give me a bill.”. “No, I cannot give a bill.”. “You run a shop and cannot give bill?”.

The shopkeeper looked pale and a bit frightened. He gave two rupees to bhOndOO. Another battle won.

They finished the well deserved drink and returned to the department. It is a big task now. Telling Dr Sarang about the copying of Architecture assignment, and Prof Krishnamurthy regarding the lie of completing the programming part. bhOndOO closed his eyes, prayed to God, remembered Bapu, and started composing mails. After the mails were sent, bhOndOO kept silent for some time. He was ready to accept any punishment.

Now, he wanted to tell his parents about the failing part — especially his father. He called them up with his mobile. He got an engaged tone. He tried again and heard a voice, “Hello?”. “Daddy, I am bhOndOO.”. “Yes bhOndOO, how are you? Today must be a holiday.”. “Yes, and I am fine. I…”. “We have reached Pune.”. bhOndOO realized that they had started to visit ashtavinayakas. It was getting very difficult to talk for him. He thought of telling it some other time, but he visualized Bapu asking him to talk now. “Daddy, I need to tell you something.”. “Yes, son.”. “I told you that I passed in all subjects last semester, but I could not clear one subject. Not that it is going to affect much. I have taken an extra course this semester and it is going on fine. I just wanted you to know the truth.”. bhOndOO’s father was silent for a while, and then said, “bhOndOO, I feel proud that you showed the courage. Lord Ganesha has blessed us. Please dont ever feel scared of us for anything. You can talk to us freely anytime.”. “Yes, Dad.”. “Now dont cry. Concentrate on your studies and take care of your health. I am handing over the phone to your mother.”. bhOndOO talked to his mother, and was feeling much lighter now.

bhOndOO went straight to the girls’ hostel now. He called up Shami outside her hostel and confessed. Shami was speechless with anger and curiosity. “But why did you do it?”. “Because… I love you.”. Shami went inside without saying anything. bhOndOO felt bad, but he was happy that he had been true.

He came back to the lab. The lab was still empty. He logged in and saw two new mails. He dreaded and opened the first one from Dr Sarang, “Dear bhOndOO, It is sad that you copied the assignment. According to the institute rules, you should get F grade in the course. But because you have confessed it yourself, I give you another chance. You will get zero in the assignment. Please do well in the remaining assignments and the written exams. Best wishes. Sarang.”.

bhOndOO breathed and opened the other mail from Prof Krishnamurthy, “Dear bhOndOO, Lets meet at 16:00 today to discuss about this.”. bhOndOO got frightened, but he composed himself to face it. He decided not to shed tears in front of his advisor. He went to the hostel for lunch.

After lunch, he slept for an hour, as the morning had exhausted him. At 16:00, he was in Prof Krishnamurthy’s office. Contrary to his expectations, his advisor talked very softly with him. He made him realize that the work bhOndOO was doing was for himself and not for his advisor. He further told him that it was okay at times if he did not meet deadlines, but that he should speak truth. Finally, he praised him for his honesty and wished him best. bhOndOO realized that this event brought him closer to his advisor.

bhOndOO left his advisor’s office and went outside the department. He went to the statue of J N TATA, the founder of IISc, and recalled the happenings of the day. He closed his eyes and thanked the Mahatma who transformed his miserable life into an emotionally satisfying experience.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Shami coming his way.

bhOndOO won the first prize for Gandhi Jayanti Short Story Competition, under category fiction.


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3 Responses to “bhOndOO meets mahatma gandhi.”

  1. c Says:

    which world does bhoondoo live in?
    my professor once asked me how dare i tell him the experiment did not work?i did not even fear him even to lie!!!

  2. iisc Says:

    :). Thanks for passing by.

    Zeroth, the spelling is bhOndOO.
    First, please read the last line of the article — till the last word.
    Second, it is possible that you stay in a different environment than bhOndOO and that your professor is much different than bhOndOO’s advisor. Lets not get into who is better. But, please try to read the articles as a refreshment.

    As the disclaimer says, not everything mentioned here is completely true, but that does not falsify the basis of these articles.

    Happy researching.

  3. Palash Aggrawal Says:

    the blog starts from page 88 right? where is the part when
    bhondoo meets shami and falls for her etc.? And where did he make his other friends? Or is i in some other blog, of a previous degree course.

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