campus interviews.

Some of bhOndOO’s colleagues are not attending classes regularly these days, their faces are gloomy at the mess, they dont waste time in gymkhana, and they seem to be under tremendous pressure: they are preparing for campus interviews. The first week is composed of highest paying companies like Google, Bell Labs and Yahoo!. Other companies are gives dates after the first week.

bhOndOO wishes to visualize his future and hence is very interested in watching the happenings in his colleagues’ lives. He goes to Chunni Babu. Chunni Babu’s real name is Vipin Sharma, but since he made all other students addicted to the network game Quake III, he is called Chunni Babu (Devdas fame, in which the character of Chunni Babu makes Devdas drink alcohol). Chunni is busy searching for something in a pile of books and pages.

“What are you searching?”.

“Hi bhOndOO. I am searching for my BTech project report.”.

bhOndOO makes himself comfortable on the bed, while Chunni is watching. Chunni is still sitting on the ground with his project report. Since he does not speak, bhOndOO breaks the ice.

“How are the preparations for Google?”.

“bhOndOO, if you dont mind, can I study now?”.

bhOndOO exclaims, “Sure.” and disappointedly leaves the room. He thinks of visiting Kunal, who, bhOndOO thinks, will not throw him away from his room in such a rude manner.


“Hi! Come in.”.

bhOndOO feels better. But he does not wish to repeat the mistake. So he asks, “BTech project report reading is done?”.

“Not yet. Need to prepare something to tell about my ME project first!”.

“Ya! Is it very difficult?”.

“Yes, especially when you haven’t worked on the project.”. Both laugh.

“What all subjects did you prepare?”. “Almost all.”. bhOndOO nods.

For a while, none of them speaks. bhOndOO does not want to get insulted as before. So he says, “Okay, Kunal. Carry on. All the best!”.

“Hey bhOndOO, do you have CLR?”. “Yes, I do.”. “Can you lend it to me for two days?”. bhOndOO understands why he was welcomed in the room. “Yes, sure.”. “Thanks. Will you get it before snacks?”. bhOndOO feels that Kunal should get the book from his room. “Ya… I will bring it.”. “Thanks a lot.”.

bhOndOO does not wish to enter any other room now.

In the night, there is a discussion on the dinner table. bhOndOO joins and understands that Google has divided candidates in two groups and half of them need to go to the company office near MG road for interviews and the other half would be interviewed on-campus. Gullu’s comment is that, all those who have been called to visit Google office will not be selected and the company simply wishes to show them the office once. He gets bumps.

Next morning, everyone is awake, bathed, brushed, and ready in formals at 07:00. The company bus comes, the interviewers arrive, and the bus takes half of the candidates to the company campus. Kunal and Chunni Babu board the bus. bhOndOO feels very jealous of them, since they are getting royal treatment by Google. He prays to God, Larry Page and Sergey Brin not to select the two insulters.

Meanwhile, with last minute readings, asking the previous candidates about questions asked to them, and guessing answers with full confidence, on-campus interviews take place. bhOndOO is witnessing everything to make himself aware of the process and sample questions.

By snacks time, the interviews are over and students who visited Google office are back by the company bus. bhOndOO is keen to hear only about two candidates! Almost all candidates seem gloomy and everyone is saying that he wont get selected. However, those who returned from the office are silent.

“How was the interview?”, “How is the office?”, “What did they ask?”, are the general questions.

Initially, nobody is ready to speak. Then, finally, Seema says, “They had divided the candidates in two groups based on CPI. Those who had CPI less than 6.5/8.0 were asked to come to office, and …”.

“And what?”.

“They all were interviewed for the testing position in Hyderabad. All of us rejected the offers.”.

bhOndOO goes back to his room, closes the door, and starts dancing.


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