bhOndOO searches for anagrams.

An anagram of a phrase is another phrase obtained by rearranging its letters.

bhOndOO came across the anagram-creation site and started searching for some nice ones for his college Indian Institute of Science. Some of the anagrams are:

Ecstatic Intensified Union.

Funniest Cocain Identities.

Indefinite Caustic Tension.

Nice Sunset Identification.

Site Continues Infanticide.

Finest Dieticians Continue.

Intuitions Indicates Fence.

Finite Unsanctioned Cities.

Nicest Infinite Educations.

It Enunciates Disinfection.

Finance Suction Identities.

Fanciest Suicide Intention.

Ancient Disinfection Suite.


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2 Responses to “bhOndOO searches for anagrams.”

  1. a contest for readers. « iisc life. Says:

    […] For anagrams of INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE, check out a previous post. […]

  2. kryptosfan Says:

    I’m doing a Kryptos Anagram contest if anyone is interested.


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