pr elections.

Elections for the post of placement representative (PR) were to be held soon and nominations were asked for by the department. Almost everyone, including bhOndOO, knew that BenJi would be the next PR and that he would be the undisputed winner since nobody would stand against him. However, BenJi was not the perfect candidate, he had his share of problems. He was a bit arrogant and moody. He had even slapped Chinku recently.

Chinku entered the lab and saw a few students orkutting. He went straight to bhOndOO who was reading his Orkut fortune, “You have a new business development shaping up”, and greeted, “Hi, bhOndOO!”. bhOndOO was surprised. Chinku had never talked to bhOndOO before. Moreover, there was no need for a person having 7.4/8.0 CPI to talk to bhOndOO having 6.3 CPI.

“Hi!”, bhOndOO replied smilingly, his eyes still questioning.

“Would you like to have coffee?”, asked Chinku.

bhOndOO realized the sudden acquaintance shown. “Sorry, I dont have enough money.”. bhOndOO was well aware of this prank.

“No, no! I will pay for both of us.”.

bhOndOO felt that he misheard. But he knew he did not. bhOndOO kept looking at Chinku for a second, realized that something serious was going on in Chinku’s mind, looked at people around in the lab (as if Chinku was going to kill him and bhOndOO wouldn’t be able to see them again), and said, “Okay. Lets go.”. He locked his terminal and followed Chinku.

At the coffee board, bhOndOO let Chinku get into the queue, since he was still suspicious of him. He felt satisfied when Chinku actually paid for two coffee, but was still wondering why such an intelligent student was showing interest in him. They settled themselves into a corner, enjoyed the first sip, put down their cups, and the conversation began, Chinku breaking the ice.

“What do you think about the coming PR elections?”.

bhOndOO finished another sip, let the silence galore, and then putting down the cup, said in a tone as if he was the only one knowing the answer, “BenJi would be the new PR.”.

“Why do you think so?”.

bhOndOO, sounding really like a researcher now, made a serious face, as if he was going to utter a reasoning behind P != NP, looked deep into the cup, and made a grand statement, “Because, he has no opponent.”. The joy of answering was seen from the fact that bhOndOO picked up the cup and enjoyed another sip.

“Do you think BenJi is the right candidate for becoming a PR?”.

This was a googly, and bhOndOO was trapped into it. Imitating that he was providing a consulting to a client worth 50 lakh, he thought for a moment and answered, “I think, he is not the candidate. A PR has to manage people properly. I dont think, BenJi can do that effectively. Moreover, he is a bit egoistic. Not everyone would like him to be selected. A PR should have good soft-skills, should be able to talk to anyone without reservations, and should be honest.”. Feeling like solving all the questions of the Topics in Graph Theory paper, he enjoyed another mouthful of coffee.

“How about you contesting for PR post?”.

bhOndOO was clean bowled. The coffee remained in his mouth for a while. Looking at Chinku, he realized that it was not a joke, but was a serious turn. He remembered Orkut fortune and appreciated Google. He was overjoyed to hear that, but he was still not able to talk. For a moment, he imagined himself to have become the PR, then came back to the real life, and tried to sound hesitant, his face blushing, “I…? How will I…? I mean, … I am not the right candidate.”.

“You are! You talk to everyone in the class, you have a good reputation amongst students and professors, and you don’t have any ego problem like that…”, Chinku didn’t allow himself to say “Bastard!” and instead said, “BenJi”.

bhOndOO had stopped drinking by now. “I have good reputation amongst students and professors! Wow! I didn’t know that!”, he thought. His face started glittering as if he had found the question paper for the final-exam of Computer Graphics.

“See, if you are ready to contest against him, I will nominate you. I and all my hostel-mates will vote for you. We will also take others into confidence. That will make your win a certainty!”.

bhOndOO’s heart was throbbing as if he had found a gold mine. He tried everything to look calm (but couldn’t). He wanted to show some more honesty and wanted to say, “But I dont feel confident, I am not as popular as BenJi, and blah blah blah…”, but he restrained himself from showing too much of negative attitude — that may have snatched away his chance to become the next PR!

He agreed.

He lost 2-52.


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