on deleting assignment!

bhOndOO was very upset with BenJi who managed to delete the whole assignment! It was due after 24 hours. Some conversations with the lab-mates after this:

Shami, “How did you do that?”. BenJi, “Like this.”. He typed the command rm -rf temp/ *. “The space before star appeared by mistake.”. Shami (raising eyebrows and voice), “Now dont press enter, you are in my directory!”.

Gullu, bhOndOO biggest rival, couldn’t speak, he simply could not stop laughing.

Nisha, who was called Bahenji, “You didn’t have backup?”. bhOndOO looked at her curious face and felt like slapping it, “If I were having backup, why the hell…”.

Babla, the topper, “You wrote the code, right? Rewrite it man!”.

Nayan, who was planning to do MBA but couldn’t, “bhOndOO, BenJi, relax. Go to coffee-board. Drink something. Then start thinking about the probable ways of overcoming the situation. Evaluate the possibilities and choose the best one.”.

Chandu, “I think you should go to Sir and tell him what happened. He will give you an extension.”. bhOndOO, “Yes, you are right.”. Chandu, “Then we can also ask for extension :).”.

Meanwhile, Barry, the most neglected person in the class (after bhOndOO) was witnessing the conversations, while working. He came forward, “If I retrieve your assignment, what will you give me?”. Everyone including bhOndOO and BenJi were shocked! “Anything you want!”, bhOndOO shouted. “Ok, I have just emailed you tar-gzipped version of your code written till today afternoon.”.

bhOndOO could not believe his ears. He pressed the buttons hurriedly, “peni”, “pein”, and finally “pine”. Everyone looking over his shoulders was getting anxious. They all saw a mail containing an attachment. bhOndOO saved the file, unzipped, untarred and saw the code intact! “Fantastic! You are a genius! Ask for anything you want.”.

Barry simply said, “You will let me copy all your future assignments.”.


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