the first month.

iisc life finishes a month today. Many interesting things happened, if we look back. Some of these are:

  • bhOndOO was born.
  • Number of visits to the blog (excluding those of mine) exceeded 300.
  • The blog got the first reference: a link from the highly read blog of Dr Abinandanan. Almost 40% of the visits were because of it.
  • Number of entries is 16, producing an entry per two days.
  • Sujit commented the first entry and invited me to join Voices, an IISc newsletter. He did not know who the person behind this blog was, and must have got surprised (or disappointed?) when I replied to him, since we already knew each other. I joined Voices.
  • The blog entry bhOndOO goes for swimming. is selected to be put into the next issue of Voices.
  • The blog appeared in a few searches. The not-so-obvious were:
    • how can students get selected in campus
    • why does exam fever happen ?
    • mind bluffs
    • google on campus interviews
    • “microsoft”
    • Microsoft Research
    • Take a smile and give it to of Mahatma G
    • list of bad things about mahatma ghandi
    • why did ghandi run a simple life
    • chunni babu devdas
    • ladies under the water of pool (this was a bit too much!)

It had been a nice journey so far. Hope to make it more and more enjoyable. Please feel free to give me any suggestions you have.

Best Wishes.


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3 Responses to “the first month.”

  1. Abi Says:

    Congratulations on crossing this major milestone.

    You have lots of interesting stories to tell, and you tell them well. So, just keep blogging! [And that’s the suggestion from me.]

  2. iisc Says:

    Thank you, Sir.

  3. happy birthday, bhOndOO. « . Says:

    […] thanking, and that is by Dr Abinandanan, when iisc life completed one month. I would like to quote the comment here: Congratulations on crossing this major […]

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