most welcoming room contest.

Hostel secretary put up a notice that on Nov 04, 2007, a group of organizers would observe rooms of the participants and the most welcoming room would be declared on the next day. The winning criteria was elegance and the winner would get free food from the mess for a month!

After most readers dispersed praising the innovative contest just before Diwali, our dear bhOndOO looked at the hostel notice board. He was least bothered about welcoming anyone to his room, but the part of the notice concerning his tummy and pocket kept him compelling. Junta were given only two days to show their hospitality.

Strangely, almost half of the hostel took part. Some participants wanted to have fun, some were forced by their parents, some by their girl-friends (to see how much they were capable of keeping the house clean), while many wanted to simply get the mess out of their livelihood.

The environment in the hostel changed from chawl-like to temple-like. Like sensex, the sale of brooms in the institute stationery shop suddenly attained a peak. Students were seen with water-buckets, cleaning clothes, brooms, mugs; and the rooms started getting cleaned. The floors were getting swept, window panes were getting washed, spider-webs were getting removed, baths were getting regular. All Jennifers, Britneys, Bipashas, Malikas were removed; a few Indian gods replaced them — on walls.

On Nov 04, 2007:

It was innovation day, not only the contest but also the participation:

  • A Management student had invited his friends to take care of welcoming, water, sweets, offering chairs to organizers, and escorting!
  • A Microbiology student had his girl-friends from the department to his rescue to actually throw rose petals on the organizers on entry.
  • An Electronics student developed a sensing device to open the door as soon as someone is five feet away from the door. He developed another to start a doll on the door saying “Thank you.” when someone left the room.
  • A Chemistry student drew rangoli in front of his doors. It later became popular in girls’ hostel that the student had used soil blended with various colors using chemicals in his lab.
  • A Computer student painted walls and doors with cute fishes, and started a screensaver of fishes on his computer, to give a cool look. He also wore a blue shirt.

The two organisers went to each decorated room. Every participant was well-dressed, well-combed (rather combed), and smiling; almost ready to celebrate Diwali. The organizers witnessed a warm welcome in every room, except one.

On Nov 05, 2007, the result of the Most Welcoming Room Contest was declared. You are right, bhOndOO won it. Here’s what organizers said about his room:

When we entered his room, the room was actually empty except for two chairs beside the window pouring sunlight. The walls were clean without a single poster. We (the organizers) looked at each other, sat on the chairs, talked nicely for a while and left. We both wanted to come back to the room and spend some time there. In our views, it was the most elegant room.


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