insulting remarks.

bhOndOO’s advisor, Prof Krishnamurthy, scolded bhOndOO for not being thorough with reading a paper for discussion. bhOndOO had missed lunch, coffee with Shami, and chatting with a newly found school-friend on orkut, to devote time for reading the cryptic 1987 paper. But all those sacrifices were not worth. bhOndOO felt insulted. Prof Krishnamurthy asked him to re-read the paper and meet next Tuesday.

bhOndOO came out of his advisor’s office. His face had a reddish tinge, his eyes were looking down, lips were firmly closed, heart-beats had increased in number and intensity, his stomach had forgotten about hunger, and his mind had only one thought — I have been insulted.

He looked back at the auto-closed door and thought of locking it from outside. He did not not want someone to be able to open it without effort. Hence he evaluated the time and possibility for going to hostel and bringing the lock of his suitcase. No, no. It is too insane, he made himself understand.

He started walking in the corridor. How about posting something anonymously about him on iisc.broadcast? No, it is moderated.

His creative juices started rolling. How about putting a notice to make all students of his courses meet him in person — that will trouble him sufficiently! No, it is risky. The security guy will catch me.

bhOndOO reached the lab. Shall I write an automated email-sending program to send him one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven emails? No, he can delete those easily. But then how about adding a delay of 10 min between the emails? No, the lab admins can catch me.

He opened orkut. What if I create an orkut profile by his name and make it infamous in the community? Well, I may not get enough response.

bhOndOO’s stomach woke up. He thought of going to the T-board to have a samosa. He came out of the department and saw his advisor’s bicycle. How about puncturing it? No, there are many people around.

He ordered a samosa and tea. How about using gimp software to distort his photo? But he does not have his photo on his homepage. Moreover, other students won’t like it. He has good reputation amongst them.

He finished samosa and tea. He was feeling better now. He stood up with enthusiasm and told himself: Lets read the paper so much thoroughly that he will not get another chance.


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