an evening at advisor’s house.

Prof Krishnamurthy asked all his students to join for dinner at his place on Naraka Chaturdashi. bhOndOO felt nice to get the invitation, especially after the last meeting. It was the second time he had been called home by a teacher — the first time, when he visited his primary school principal’s house, along with his father, after beating a fellow student.

bhOndOO took bath, combed, wore ironed blue shirt and jeans, cleaned his footwear by an unclean cloth, wanted to clean his bicycle with the same cloth, but did not, noting that it would be dark and the bicycle would be parked outside. He gave himself full marks for that optimization, smiled, and left the hostel.

On the way, he reiterated in the mind that he needed to make a good impression on his advisor and his family. He decided to show all his humble, hospitable, helpful nature to them.

He reached the lab to notice from other faces that he had not shaved. It was too late now, and anyway, it would not have made him look smarter than anyone else present. Everyone was looking as clean as Prof Agashe’s bald head. bhOndOO felt a bit of disappointment, but he still had a war to fight at his advisor’s place. He reaffirmed himself, and they all left for Prof Krishnamurthy’s house in a short while.

Prof Krishnamurthy welcomed everyone. bhOndOO remembered his opportunity to impress by being humble and let everyone sit while he kept standing for his turn. They fell short by one chair. He had to stand for another five minutes while Prof Krishnamurthy grabbed a colorful mat, threw it on the floor, and looked at bhOndOO. bhOndOO had no choice. He managed his jeans to settle on the mat.

Introductions were done, and chit-chatting started. Being in a corner, bhOndOO could not actively participate in the discussions. Initially, even when he could not hear the complete joke, he tried to laugh when others did, but soon he realized that his colleagues were narrating bhOndOO’s stories! He turned his face to look at photos, paintings, and the showcase on the walls, but could not manage to turn his attention.

Meanwhile, his advisor’s wife entered the kitchen to look after the food arrangement and their one-year daughter, Muggy, got a chance! She perhaps found bhOndOO the most promising victim, because he was seated on her favorite mat, and went to him. bhOndOO also started playing with her, since he knew that she, unlike others, would not laugh at him.

Muggy managed to break a glass of his spectacles. Prof Krishnamurthy apologized to him and asked his wife to take their daughter inside. bhOndOO, receiving an apology from his advisor, got enlightened, and humbly allowed the child to remain with him. It would not have looked nice to look through a single glass, so he kept the spectacles in his pocket.

bhOndOO’s mobile witnessed almost a breakage when Muggy threw it on the floor. bhOndOO got very upset, but smiled, and handed her over to her father. He felt relieved to check that the mobile was in one piece. He soon realized, while messaging his friend, that the button titled number 3 had to be pressed much harder to get the characters d-e-f on screen. Soon, Muggy went inside.

Prof Krishnamurthy’s wife arranged food on a table and Prof Krishnamurthy asked his students to start eating. bhOndOO, being farthest from the table, and being humble, waited for others to get their plates filled and then visited the table to see that his favorite Kaju Katli was over. He glanced at the plates of others, and found a heap of 3-4 pieces in everyone’s plate! He wanted hard to grab at least one piece from someone’s plate, but he decided to give company to his advisor, and went back to the mat with his plate.

The dinner and discussion had just begun when Muggy reentered the scene. She found her victim eating on her favorite mat. Others were involved in chatting and bhOndOO in eating. He suddenly felt his head getting cooler and then saw a white thread dropping down from his head to his plate. When Prof Krishnamurthy shouted, did he notice that it was water pouring down which Muggy threw on his head from behind.

Muggy was again taken inside and a lot of shouting, followed by melodious crying, was heard. bhOndOO tried to finish his watery dinner and chose to remain half-hungry. He got very angry with himself for deciding to be humble, but kept mum. He looked at his colleagues and found them mockingly smiling.
Prof Krishnamurthy came out in the hall, apologized to bhOndOO, and asked everyone to continue dinner. After a short while, his wife took their daughter in their bedroom upstairs, but bhOndOO felt a surge of terror when the mother-daughter duo crossed the hall — Muggy kept looking at bhOndOO while being taken upstairs!

After having food, and having made Prof Krishnamurthy well aware of bhOndOO’s stories, they decided to leave. It was very dark outside. bhOndOO took out his mobile to check for his friends’ messages. Prof Krishnamurthy was thanking everyone. Suddenly, someone hit bhOndOO’s mobile, it dropped and got damaged. They all saw an intact plastic doll beside the mobile.

bhOndOO and others looked up to see Muggy smiling from the window.


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2 Responses to “an evening at advisor’s house.”

  1. Balaji Vishwanath Says:

    There is something about the way you write. I get only adjective on my mind. “Bright!”. Your writings are very very good. Such a delight these posts are devoid of complex jargons, propaganda of individual beliefs, opinion-biases and many more that make writing and reading equally unpleasant. Your posts are refreshing, your creativity binding. You have just made my day!

  2. iisc Says:

    Balaji, I am getting a little worried that you are not only reading my posts but also trying to read me :). Anyway, thanks for the nice words. Best wishes.

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