a snake in the department.

Gullu was enjoying talking to Shami in the corridor, when suddenly they heard a loud cry worth 100 decibel of the lady looking after the garden. The lady managed herself from a fall and started running as if she saw a dead body. Indeed, she saw a body; however, it was alive.

The security guard, Gullu and Shami ran towards the entrance of the department garden. “Snake! Snake!”, the lady shouted, while entering through the gate. The guard went with her into the garden and asked her for the exact place where she saw the visitor (so that he could offer tea, coffee, pepsi). From a distance of fifteen feet, she pointed her index finger towards a bush, and she came back by another two steps. The guard slowly and carefully walked towards the bush.

He found a glistening stick at the bottom of the bush, enjoying quietly the proximity of the cyber space in a beautifully sunny afternoon. The stick was around five feet in length, almost the height of the guard. The guard imagined himself occupying the five feet long stomach and came back to the garden entrance, before allowing the visitor to imagine him that way.

Gullu, Shami and a few students entered the garden. As during assignment submission, their movement showed a lot of unity. The movement marched towards the bush. The glistening visitor escorted the team by looking up. At the next moment, the movement diplomatically changed direction and entered the corridor with throbbing hearts and wide open eyes.

bhOndOO witnessed the running crowd as he entered the department having a well-deserved sleep after a nightout for ModSim assignment. The first person he noticed was Shami and the second was the person who was talking to her — Gullu. He enquired and came to know of the uncalled guest in the department. He looked at Shami, made up his mind, removed the haversack from his back, emptied it in BenJi’s hands, and entered the garden.

The garden turned into a boxing ground. Surrounding walls of the department took the form of the fence. The students became spectators, shouting, “bhOn-dOO! bhOn-dOO!”, with one voice incoherent, shouting, “Cobra! Cobra!”, by Gullu. One boxer was a world-champion of all times, while the other was playing his very first game! The newbie had strong gloves in his hand; the world-champion was bare-handed. The world-champion was seated peacefully, and the newbie started approaching him with great caution.

They were five feet apart. The newbie stopped and stared at the world-champion. There was pin-drop silence amongst the spectators, with the eyes and mouths open. The newbie moved another feet. His heart was throbbing, and the spectators forgot breathing. The world-champion was still still.

The newbie moved another half-a-feet. No movement. “Is he ill? Or is he dead?”, the newbie thought. He imagined himself to have won the boxing world-championship and the world congratulating him. His heart-beats came to normal, he relaxed, moved another feet and encroached upon the territory of his rival.

The five feet giant raised its head, looked at the haversack and bhOndOO, and hissed. bhOndOO’s heart-beats stopped. He froze with fear, started sweating, and could not move backward. All the viewers were experiencing a breath-taking moment to see two species at a distance of two-and-a-half feet apart. They all were awaiting the sole representator of the species to take an action against the sole representator of their own species.

The snake abruptly moved its head down towards bhOndOO’s feet in slippers and two dots appeared on bhOndOO’s left foot. The quick bite brought bhOndOO into senses, he shouted with an intensity of 120 decibel, moved back, and ran towards the garden gate, leaving the haversack as a parting gift.

Meanwhile, the security guard (five feet fame) called the snake rescue volunteers. They came up with their own haversack and sticks, and took away the visitor to show it the CES (Center for Ecological Sciences) department.

Despite getting known that the snake was not Cobra and not at all poisonous, the parting gift of the two dots kept bhOndOO awake for two more nights.


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5 Responses to “a snake in the department.”

  1. Natasha Says:

    Such boxing matches are highly not recommended by the way, you’ll put SRV out of business 🙂

  2. iisc Says:

    Natasha, you never know, such matches can give you more opportunities for “interesting” photographes!

  3. Natasha Says:

    Yes I might and a doctor might find the condition of your heart interesting too, and the dhobi….


  4. the bet and the tears. « iisc life. Says:

    […] doing all possible tasks to make bhOndOO cry — pinching him by hand, pinching him with a pin, making a snake bite him, telling him that his advisor has stopped his scholarship, telling him that Shami loves Gullu, and […]

  5. the bet and the tears. « Apkmnp's Blog Says:

    […] of doing all possible tasks to make bhOndOO cry — pinching him by hand, pinching him with a pin, making a snake bite him, telling him that his advisor has stopped his scholarship, telling him that Shami loves Gullu, and […]

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