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an unsolved puzzle.

Dec 27, 2007

Came across a poetic version of the well-known problem in theoretical computer science.

And a quotable quote by Thomas Carruthers:

a teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary.

A few more quotes are topically categorized here.


sweet nothings.

Dec 26, 2007

bhOndOO likes Java and is very slow. He managed to board his train to Nagpur just-in-time. The coolie forced his luggage below the seats to which bhOndOO reacted in an angry tone. He then argued for the coolie’s charges and the discussion went on for another two minutes. The coolie also managed to get down just-in-time, otherwise, he would have required to get down at Dharmavaram — after three hours.

Their discussion in Kannada on Indian economy was witnessed by the sole participants of the compartment — a young couple, seemingly newly married. The couple was earlier disappointed to see an intruder to their privacy (in public railways), but later settled for the thought that the Kannada intruder would not be able to comprehend their conversation in Marathi.

bhOndOO could not control his smiles to hear the couple’s sweet nothings. He took out a book on Data Mining and allowed himself to laugh at times, projecting that he was reading a humorous story!

bhOndOO recalled Prof Murthy angrily quoting in the class after Data Mining’s first assignment submission (which nobody did), “Mining is not a joke!”.

When Wardha, the station one hour prior to Nagpur, arrived, bhOndOO purchased a Marathi newspaper.

The couple vanished from the compartment.

bhOndOO off until Christmas.

Dec 11, 2007

I am leaving for enjoying vacation until Christmas.  See you then.

Happy researching.