course registration.

As the new semester started, registrations for various courses was on. A few discussions in Computing Lab are noted here.

  • “Prof Sree is offering a course this year; it was not offered last year.”. “So what! One professor in Instrumentation offered a course after 19 years!”.
  • “We should credit 4 courses this semester. I want to credit Advanced Computer Architecture as well as Compilers. But if I take both of these heavy courses, I will not be able to credit any other!”
  • “Are yaar! Cognition is only 3 credits. It dismantled all my calculations!”.
  • “You are taking Machine Intelligence! Ok, I will also take it then.”.
  • “Are you mad! You want to take that course!”.
  • “He considers himself a big shot. Here, we cannot handle 4 courses and he is taking 5! He will understand it at the end of the semester – in a hard way.”.
  • “Do you know what all courses Shami has taken?” (this was bhOndOO).
  • “When is the first lecture of Databases?”. “It was today in the morning.”.
  • “Coming for coffee?”. “No yaar, I have to go for the first lecture of Topics in Graph Theory course.”. “First lecture, right? He will give only administrative details. Lets go for coffee.”.
  • “Is anyone taking Distributed Computing?”.
  • “What! I am the only one crediting it?”.
  • “See, I am crediting this course only because of you. Promise me that you will attend all the lectures and take all the notes.”.

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