the bet and the tears.

Gullu was narrating his experience of watching Taare Zameen Par, “Everyone was in a senti mood when the song Meri Maa was on. Some girls started crying then itself. When Ishaan looks at Aamir Khan‘s painting towards the end, even boys felt pressure on their hearts! And when Ishaan embraces Aamir, almost everyone’s eyes contained tears.”.

“Did you also have tears?”, Shami asked, inquisitively.

“Umm… Yaaa… I mean, everyone had…”, Gullu felt a bit odd to say yes. Benji added, “In fact, after the movie, the kid sitting beside Gullu said — Aap kitna rote ho! (You cry a lot!)”.

bhOndOO rightfully noted Gullu’s hesitation while answering the question and to tease him, started laughing. Gullu did not like the mocking laugh (in front of Shami) and challenged, “bhOndOO, if you see the movie, I bet, you will also cry!”. bhOndOO realized that his laugh is resulting into a delicate situation for himself. But Shami’s presence made him say, “Okay, I bet. I will watch the movie and not bring a single tear in my eyes.”. Gullu’s mind went over the technicalities, “You should keep your eyes and ears open and should not talk on mobile. Basically, the bet should be faithfully fought.”.

bhOndOO agreed and it was decided that Gullu and Shami would accompany him in Kaveri theatre the same night.

bhOndOO and Gullu took positions on each side of Shami in the theatre. But Gullu was not sure of bhOndOO’s honesty. He made up his mind and changed his position to sit on the other side of bhOndOO — away from Shami. bhOndOO was overjoyed. Gullu checked bhOndOO’s ears for cotton plugs or any radio cord.

The movie started and Gullu got surprised to see bhOndOO not smiling during the initial part of the movie. He checked that bhOndOO was not sleeping. When the song Meri Maa started, bhOndOO was still sitting peacefully without any emotions on his face. His eyes seemed more open than usual, but sure without any sign of tears — not even via his nose.

When Ishaan sees Aamir‘s painting, Gullu was sure bhOndOO would show a response, but he was disappointed. Gullu got restless. He thought of doing all possible tasks to make bhOndOO cry — pinching him by hand, pinching him with a pin, making a snake bite him, telling him that his advisor has stopped his scholarship, telling him that Shami loves Gullu, and cutting an onion!

After the painting competition, when Ishaan runs and embraces Aamir, Gullu looked at bhOndOO for his last bet. He shouted, “See, bhOndOO is crying!”.

Shami looked at bhOndOO, saw his glistening eyes in the poor light, and asked, “bhOndOO?”.

bhOndOO looked at her, then at Gullu and asked, “Don’t bluff! I am not crying.”.

bhOndOO’s strong statement made it clear that Gullu was incorrect. bhOndOO won.

The next day, everyone made fun of Gullu, not for crying, but for losing a bet with someone like bhOndOO!

The previous night, after returning from the movie, bhOndOO went to Chunni Babu and thanked him for his spects. bhOndOO’s eyesight required spects of -5D. Chunni Babu’s spects’ number was -0.25D.


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6 Responses to “the bet and the tears.”

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  3. jrharshath Says:

    a supremely subtle ending to a joyfully light-hearted story 🙂

    loved it.

  4. Balaji Vishwanath Says:

    Yes agreed. Joyful and light-hearted indeed.

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  6. Palash Aggrawal Says:

    Kitna chaalu hai !

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