harbhajan, symonds, and the monkey.

Morning, Computing Lab.

bhOndOO: Bhajji was not at all wrong in calling him a monkey.

BenJi (who was going for Algorithms lecture): Can you prove it?

bhOndOO: Sure, I can. Just check these two photos: one, two.

Afternoon, Tea board.

bhOndOO: In fact, my claim is: A monkey is superior to Symonds.

BenJi (who had just arrived from Algorithms lecture): Can you prove it?

bhOndOO: Sure, I can.

bhOndOO went near the fence of Tea board over which a monkey was drinking Tropicana juice (orange flavor) and looked into the monkey’s eyes. The monkey, in turn, opened up his face to bhOndOO and looked into his eyes. There was a pin-drop silence. The looking-into-the-eyes business went on for five seconds, when suddenly bhOndOO shouted, “Youuu!!! Symonds!!!”. The monkey got very agitated and shouted in turn at bhOndOO. He then concluded his anger by throwing the empty juice packet towards bhOndOO.

bhOndOO turned to BenJi and remarked, “See!”.


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4 Responses to “harbhajan, symonds, and the monkey.”

  1. Barry Says:

    Bhajji is the only ‘honest’ player I ever seen not walk after being clean bowled, what a dork!

    We are better without this pretender

    In fact I wouldn’t miss the Indian tour completely, the are hopeless

  2. Aravind Says:

    Bhajji would have said Teri M**ki and not monkey……Come on guys he would use such a mild word…..The aussies didn’t understand it and hence thought monkey….In my opinion Bhajji should have explained them the meaning coz it is very close to word ‘Bastard’….Then they Symonds would be happy. LOL….It’s funny…

  3. Aravind Says:

    correction: I mean he wouldn’t use such a mild word…………

  4. Suzanna Says:

    Funny Pic!
    see related post here: http://bangalorebuzzz.blogspot.com/2008/01/monkey-business-racial-slur-and.html

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