the course load.

A few lines from the chat session between bhOndOO and his senior Andy, who is currently in Yahoo! Bangalore:

Andy: Hello bhOndOO. How are you doing?

bhOndOO: I am fine. How is your work?

Andy: A lot of work. You tell me, how are courses going on?

bhOndOO waited for a moment, the expressions on his face vanished, and he continued.

bhOndOO: The courses are going fantastic. I have credited four courses this semester. First is Advanced Computer Architecture, for which the instructor expects us to read a paper 15-20 times and devote 30 hours per week. Second is Compiler Design, for which we got the first assignment in the second lecture. Third is Modeling and Simulation for which the instructor said that if he does not like our project, we would get grade D. And fourth is Topics in Graph Theory, which does not have any programming assignments or projects, but I just do not understand what the instructor is teaching.


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