the class, the lecture, and the nap.

“I shouldn’t have eaten that much!”, bhOndOO explained to himself. It was a treat from Gullu for losing the bet. There, enthusiastically bhOndOO bet for eating ten potato buns. He lost — he could manage only eight.

bhOndOO slept at 03:00 and now, at 08:30 in the Compiler Design class, he is cursing himself for the bet. He declared (in mind), “Having a lecture at 08:30 is a punishable offense.”. It looked too strict, so he added an amendment, “Having a lecture at 08:30 is a punishable offense, if there exists a student having eaten eight buns the previous night.”.

“We will study static and dynamic scoping today.”, Prof Sree declared, ignoring bhOndOO’s amendment, “Lets see an example.”.

bhOndOO tried to forget about his tired body and started concentrating on the lecture. By the time Prof Sree finished writing the example on the white-board, the letters had started dancing in front of bhOndOO’s eyes. “In case of static scoping…” — bhOndOO blinked and tried to keep his eyes open. Prof Sree kept looking for a moment at the wonderful mixture of big spects + sleep getting heavily prevailed + bhOndOO’s eyes unusually wide open + unsuccessful attempt of not closing them.

bhOndOO adapted an intelligent strategy: he would try to keep the eyes open till Sir faced the students, and as soon as Sir turned to the board, bhOndOO would close eyes to get a glimpse of adorable sleep! A wondeful strategy, just that once Sir took a long time before turning to students…

“…activation record of P5…… static link points to……… and the dynamic…………”.

bhOndOO suddenly opened his eyes hearing a loud voice. He looked around, realized that he was at a place where he should not have been — the class, and looked at the reason for his punishment speaking, “…But in case of dynamic scoping, the environment of the caller is available to the callee.”. bhOndOO dreaded the scene as Prof Sree was directly looking at him in a manner which cannot be called admiringly.

bhOndOO moved his back away from the chair, started moving his knees to-and-fro to keep himself active and awake! He also looked around for support from the class; but everyone was awake. He took a deep breath, blinked his eyes several times, and finally kept the eyes open.

“Now we will see how to pass procedures as parameters to other procedures.”. bhOndOO tried to fool himself by making himself believe that Sir was starting the most interesting topic of the whole Compiler Design course, but soon the reality prevailed.

“… But P3 cannot access P6’s environment according to lexical scoping rules… P3 has P6 as a parameter… the caller is P5… the callee… the pointer… this goes from here to here…… here to there……… static link……….. dynamic………”.

Soon, Prof Sree’s link was broken by a strange rhythmic sound. He looked around and found bhOndOO snoring. Sir tried to ignore him and continued, “… and therefore we maintain a pointer to the environment along with the procedure…”. But the climatic sound of snoring simply went on increasing.

“bhOndOO?”, Prof Sree finally said, then shouted, and then gave up. BhOndOO was busy linking his thoughts, “…… link from a potato bun… ten buns… eight…… the bet…… Gullu…… Shami…… garden…… song………”.


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One Response to “the class, the lecture, and the nap.”

  1. sleeper Says:

    i did this thing in operating system class

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