complexity of a …

Everyone at the table was talking either about cricket, tennis, or chess. bhOndOO was getting bored. He wanted junta to talk something else, or simply keep their mouths shut! He waited for a few minutes, but the discussions, arguments, and chaos just went on increasing.

bhOndOO stood up, and shouted, “Guys, …”.

Everyone was shocked — not that bhOndOO cracking voice was the issue, but that bhOndOO was actually standing to say something to the group! It was a bit too much.

bhOndOO himself felt a bit nervous to feel the sudden silence. But imitating a bold gesture, he continued, “Have you ever heard about complexity of a song?”.

Everybody looked at bhOndOO for a second, then at each other for two, relaxed, and started discussing something else. A few responses were, “Only bhOndOO can ask such questions.”, “I used to think he is dumb, but he is stupid!”, “Where were we?”.

bhOndOO continued, raising the voice further, “Guys, really, Donald Knuth has written a paper on Song Complexity.”.

Hearing a familiar name of a big shot, everyone stared at bhOndOO. “Really!”, bhOndOO tried to look convincing, “In fact the paper has been published in Communications of the ACM.”.

“Do you have that paper?”, BenJi asked.

“Ya sure, I will send a link to you.”.

After the meeting was dismissed with uneasiness, bhOndOO sent the link to junta.


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