writing a report, a research paper, or a thesis.

bhOndOO submitted a survey write-up to his advisor Prof Krishnamurthy on Pointer Analysis. Prof Krishnamurthy sent him the following mail:

Dear bhOndOO,

The topics and papers you covered are in good detail. However, the ordering of sections can be improved for better understanding. Also, there are some grammatical mistakes in the report. I request you to go through the following links to get acquainted with the process of preparing your thesis — many of the steps are applicable for a technical report too. Hope the links improve your writing ability. Please resubmit the report after you incorporate the changes.









After a week, bhOndOO went to Prof Krishnamurthy’s office to submit the updated write-up.

Prof Krishnamurthy happily asked, “Did the links help?”.

bhOndOO, “Yes, Sir, the links improved my reading ability.”.


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