fee hike in iisc and the general body meeting.

The general secretary of Students Council (SC), Billu called for a General Body Meeting (GBM) to discuss the issue of fee hike in IISc. Apart from all students, he also called the authorities. The issue was multifold:

  • The fee hike was announced in 2008 and it was going to be implemented from Aug 2007.
  • Nobody knew exactly why the fees were increased. Some even claimed that if hostel fee was increased, they did not see any improvements in the hostel facilities!
  • Many other institutes in India that come under Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) had not imposed a fee hike.
  • There were issues related to House Rent Allowance (HRA) and PhD students in campus who had finished five years.
  • A few minor issues.

bhOndOO had not attended a GBM before and was very excited about it. He entered the auditorium to witness it overflowing. He had to sit on stairs beside a strong, black, heavy man who was smelling as if he had not taken bath in the last seven days!

The authorities entered — four student advisors and the deputy registrar (DR). It was announced that the director was out of station and the registrar would join after ten minutes. The meeting was started.

Billu and some students asked many questions to the authorities to which the advisors showed their sympathy and claimed that they did not have any facts/data to answer the queries, not did they have any authority to change the rules. Students were disappointed. bhOndOO wondered why the advisors were there if they could not take any decision, “How can the sympathies from these advisors help stopping the fee hike?”.

But the students had one authoritative figure on the dais — the DR. Initially, the DR refused to speak. When almost forced, he spoke, “I am here as a silent observer. I will listen to your queries and note those down. I will definitely forward your grievances to the registrar.”. After that, all the queries were noted down promptly by the DR — and he did not utter a single word. bhOndOO wondered the necessity of having the DR on the dais, “We could have given a written letter of complaints directly to the registrar/director! Why have the deputy registrar of IISc to write down our dictation?”.

At the end of an hour, when the meeting was coming to an end, with all sympathies and noting downs, the registrar suddenly appeared. She bowed to the students very similar to how Sonia Gandhi does before addressing a community. The meeting went on for another twenty minutes during which the registrar followed others on the dais, “I have full sympathy for the issues you mentioned. However, I alone cannot take the decision and tell you facts and figures. The director is currently out of town. When he comes back after two days, I will discuss the issues with him and let us see whether anything comes out of it.”.

The meeting got over and junta came out saying, “Nothing happened, yaar!”.

bhOndOO realized, “Okay! This is what happens in a GBM.”.


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4 Responses to “fee hike in iisc and the general body meeting.”

  1. tg Says:

    I remember during my stay in S-block, IISc, (which was just one year back), water tanks used to overflow on daily basis. In fact one could fill a Olympic-size swimming pool with it everyday. And this was just before the time when there was a drought-like condition in almost all hostels.

    The antipathy of administration and various professors notwithstanding (whom I contacted several times regarding the problem and they just listened giving hollow empathy), I remember one incidence quite distinctly:

    Water had been overflowing from the tanks since early morning. I called hostel office around 9 am and they said they would do ‘something’ soon. Nothing happened till I returned from my classes in the evening. Desperate, I called water-supply people for help and they told me that they can’t do anything because they don’t have a ladder!!!

    You might have guessed what I am driving at. They want more money to buy some ladders. Simple and justifiable, isn’t it?


  2. iisc Says:

    Thanks TG for sharing your experience.

  3. ex-iiscian Says:

    ha ha ha ha IISc is the same. Did not change much. Same problem same kind of administration ( academic+hostel). I am quite puzzled how come at GBM days director will not be in station. I remember the days when we stood in front of main building and asking director to come speak us. But it was PR who spoke that day and later deputy director (some Prof from MBU). If some one have worked as a mess representative share your experience.

  4. happy birthday, bhOndOO. « . Says:

    […] fee hike in iisc and the general body me […]

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