the call on valentine’s day.

bhOndOO got up early on Feb 14, 2008. He had dreamt of many girls presenting roses to him. He prayed to God, opened the door of his room, and looked at the latch; there was no card, rose, or letter. He checked the door, floor and window; but no luck. “Never mind. The day has just begun.”, bhOndOO cheered himself up.

After bathing for 45 min, wearing a red T-shirt and the new sports shoes, bhOndOO started on his bicycle. On the way, he noticed many (and only) girls and kept smiling. He kept paddling slow to give enough scope to the girls to approach him. No one did. “Never mind. They all are unknown to me.”, bhOndOO told himself.

He entered the class and noticed only boys. He seated himself in presumably elegant manner in the row just in front of the class door — to get noticed first by any girl entering the lecture. He kept waiting but no one entered. Later he realized that Compiler Design course was not taken by any girl! “Never mind. I will go to the lab after the lecture.”.

Prof Sree started with the theory of data flow analysis. bhOndOO could not concentrate. He kept thinking of Shami… Shami and bhOndOO… Shami and bhOndOO in a garden… Shami and bhOndOO in a garden singing a song… Shami and bhOndOO in a garden singing a song, Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumaar… Shami and bhOndOO in a garden singing Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumaar while others are watching them. bhOndOO suddenly realized that everyone in the class was looking at him. “Why did I come out of my dream, it was so nice, Shami was looking beautiful, the song was also so romantic… Oh! How can I listen to the song if I am not dreaming?”. Getting the grasp of the situation, bhOndOO took out his mobile and pushed the red button. Prof Sree resumed the theory. bhOndOO ignored Prof Sree’s look and clicked a few buttons to make the mobile silent. He could not recognize the number from where he got the call.

After two min, his mobile started vibrating. He took out the mobile and saw the same number. “What if some girl is calling me? Should I take the call? I can’t! What should I do? Shall I go out?”. Prof Sree’s another look made bhOndOO reject the call. But he became impatient. There was still an hour for lecture completion.

bhOndOO kept thinking of all the girls he knew from primary, middle-school, high-school, junior-college, and college. “Could it be Bobby? Could it be Shalini? Could it be …? … Could it be Shami?”. bhOndOO got restless.

As the lecture got over, bhOndOO came out and called back. He felt it taking more than ages to connect. The ring went on for another round of ages. Finally, someone picked up. bhOndOO wanted to hear a feminine voice. He prayed to God, closed his eyes, his heart-beats jumping but breath stopped!

“Hello?”, a girl from the other side.

bhOndOO got delighted. With a big smile on his face, he said, “Hi. I got a call from this number. May I know who is it?”.

“Sir, I am calling from CitiBank. Would you be interested in a personal loan?”.


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2 Responses to “the call on valentine’s day.”

  1. Vamsi Says:

    the thing most attracts me to read your blog is that it takes me into a real-unreal world 🙂 i want to know whether bhOndOO was able to sing a song with Shami (i mean not in dreams;) ?

  2. iisc Says:

    Well Vamsi, not yet :). Any tips are always welcome.

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