the dog and the doc.

bhOndOO was in a hurry. He was already late for dinner. He would only be getting rice in mess — hopefully. “I haven’t eaten snacks! Why did I go with Anu for the useless shopping? She wanted a coolie!”.

In anger, bhOndOO missed the paddle of his bicycle. He looked at the paddle, adjusted his chappals and paddled properly. The dark road beside Instrumentation department and looking down at the paddles did not allow bhOndOO to notice the weekly meeting of dogs. Dogs did notice bhOndOO, but mistook him for a colleague wishing to join late for the meeting.

When bhOndOO came to senses, he saw his bicycle beneath him but in a horizontal plane, two dogs barking at him in the vertical plane, and a dog making a cracking sound running away — in the Z-direction, while he himself sitting peacefully on the road chewing grass.

“The grass smells strange!”, he noted. When he concentrated his pupils towards the grass coming out of his mouth through his yet-intact big spects, he realized that the grass was actually a group of long hair. “I am eating some girl’s hair!!!”. He looked for a girl nearby, but did not see any. However, he noticed the dog who had run away, looking at him with wide open eyes with a strange mix of terror and anger. bhOndOO realized that the hair he had in his mouth had their origin in the dog’s tail.

bhOndOO, at once, blew off the whole grass. Looking at his face, the nearby dogs got frightened and stopped barking. He got up to lift his bicycle. Dogs ran away.

bhOndOO returned to CSA dept, entered the rest room, and watered his mouth six times and he was still feeling the strange smell. He knew that he had almost eaten a dog-tail. He had forgotten dinner by now.

“I must see a doctor.”, bhOndOO told himself. He went straight to the Health Center to see Dr Shepte.

“What happened?”.

“I bit a dog.”.

“Then what are you doing here? Bring the dog.”, Dr Shepte chuckled.

After taking no medicines from the Health Center, bhOndOO returned to the mess. There was some rice left, but bhOndOO did not feel like eating anything. He imagined long hair coming out of the rice-bowl! He let the idea of dinner forgo and went up to his room and slept. In his dreams, he saw himself barking beside Instrumentation department.

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12 Responses to “the dog and the doc.”

  1. Vamsi Says:

    They say man bitting a dog is the REAL news ! Finally, our bhOndOO is in lime light, on the front page 😉

  2. iisc Says:

    Thanks Vamsi. I should thank Arun (CSA, ME, 1st year) for this story.

  3. vivek Says:

    Well after this if anytime any dog troubles you………….
    Just say I’m bhOndOO’s friend.
    He’ll run away…

    Note: The above formula is TESTED OK.

  4. iisc Says:

    Good that bhOndOO acted as a rescue mechanism for you. Thanks Vivek, for passing by.

  5. vivek Says:

    Well i don’t like to take credit of smthing i’v not done so i must say………
    The above rescue mechanism is also designed and tested by Arun himself…..
    So, thanks to arun…….

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  7. onkar Says:

    Too good bhOndOO,.. esp when he missed a paddle, adjusted his chappal.. gosh, i am just going on reading ur articles…

  8. iisc Says:

    Thanks Onkar.

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