women’s day.

Venue: Tea board (which recently got Best rating for its service from IISc community ).

Time: Computer Networks lecture :).

Date: A day before International Women’s Day.

Smit asked, “So girls, what are your Women’s Day resolutions?”.

Aarati, the topper: I am going to sleep for 8 consecutive hours.

Dharika, who is (in)famous for not meeting the guide: After a month’s break, I am going to meet my guide.

Vidya: Unfortunately, my guide is also a lady and her resolution is to work more. So, I cannot afford to have any other resolution!

Shishira, who recently got married: At least on this day, I am not going to call him. But I expect him to call!

Arpana: I am going to stay at home and ask my husband to look after the homework of our kids. But why should we only have the resolutions? You guys must be having some plans for your girl-friends! Come on, its boys’ turn now.

Smit: I thought, I will give her a rose.

Rishi: I am taking her for a candle light dinner. All girls shouted: Wow!

Jaggu: She is asking me since long to get rid of this Dhoni-style. I will get my hair cut.

When asked, Paresh, the only married man in the department, replied, “I am going to ask her to allow me to celebrate a men’s day sometime.”.


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2 Responses to “women’s day.”

  1. Mitsu Says:

    I am sure, Paresh would had prepared food for his wife on Women’s day . Its other thing that he does that everyday. And the way he has given his comments – “I am going to ask her to allow me to celebrate a men’s day sometime.” I am damn sure my friend that he speaks faaar lesser than his wife. And his wife keeps fighting that he doesnt fight back in retaliation…..

  2. iisc Says:

    :). Thanks for the comment, Sumit. By the way, Paresh does not know how to cook and Paresh’s wife does not need a reason to fight ;).

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