will bhOndOO make it to 5000?


This blog was started on Sep 24, 2007. Mar 24, 2008 will see completion of six months. The number of hits to the blog (as appears on the right side of the front page under the heading “stat is tics”) at the end of five months was 4000 — average 800 per month. If we assume the same rate, bhOndOO will fall short of 200 to reach 5000 mark at the end of six months.

The hits suddenly increase either because Dr Abinandanan links to some post, or Voices publishes some article originally published here, or when Radhika keeps the link iisc.wordpress.com as her Google chat status message, or when Arun advertises about some story. I anticipate nothing of these till Mar 24. Still, will bhOndOO make it to 5000?


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3 Responses to “will bhOndOO make it to 5000?”

  1. Vamsi Says:

    it looks like you should ask for 10k !

  2. iisc Says:

    Seems bhOndOO’s friends here are more confident than bhOndOO himself!

  3. the first six months. « iisc life. Says:

    […] first six months. bhOndOO is six month old today. I was wondering whether bhOndOO would make it to 5000, but you all have crossed it much before. A big Thanks to all the readers, critics, supporters, […]

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