iisc founder’s day and the hibiscus flower.

Founder’s Day.The Hibiscus.

“But there is a security guard!”, Paresh tried to explain.

“I don’t know anything. I want that hibiscus flower.”, Abha cleared the point.

Paresh roamed around for a while to show that he was only observing the beautiful flowers. He let the security guard look away and angled his body towards the hibiscus flower. He heard a whistle. The security guard was prompt in his job. Paresh had to return empty handed to Abha. Abha gave him a look similar to the one when Paresh went to gym regularly for a month and at the end reduced his weight by 200 gm.

Paresh, noting the criticality of the situation, called up his friends. Gullu, BenJi and bhOndOO reached the spot in six minutes (Coffee Board is at a distance of six minutes from the Main Building by walk, if you spend one minute in finishing your cigarette).

“You guys need to do something to get me the hibiscus flower.”, Paresh pleaded.

“But why does she want only that particular flower?”, BenJi queried.

Paresh looked down and talked as if he had committed the biggest mistake of his life (after marriage), “When Abha was praising the flowers, I just said that the flower looks more beautiful than her…”.

Gullu started laughing.

BenJi: “You are a fool.”.

bhOndOO: “You deserve it!”.

Paresh, annoyed: “Are you guys going to help me or going to accuse me of the mistake that I have already accepted?”.

Gullu: “Dont worry man! I will get it.”.

Gullu, confident, could not even reach the plant. The security guard was intelligent enough to understand his intensions. Gullu returned.

BenJi: “Let me try.”.

BenJi roamed around in the area for ten minutes, without going towards the pot containing the hibiscus plant. He kept a secret watch on the security guard and let him relax. He then slowly approached the plant. As soon as he saw the security guard staring at a lady entering the main building, BenJi pluck the flower from the pot, hid it in his hands, walked in the opposite direction of the security guard, and reached his friends.

BenJi, with a big smile on his face: “Abha, this is for you.”.

Paresh, already irritated, got doubly agitated: “This guy is offering a flower to my wife in front of me — and that too at the cost of my inability!”.

Abha smiled back at BenJi, accepted the flower, and replied, “Thanks for the rose.”.

Everyone around started laughing, “You don’t even understand a hibiscus flower!”.

BenJi felt disappointed and left the place. Paresh’s laugh was brought to a hard stop by Abha’s look! He looked at bhOndOO and bhOndOO realized that he had to try out something. He thought for a moment and then started walking away from them, away from the plants, away from the security guard!

“Where are you going?”.

“Will be back in ten minutes.”.

Paresh, Gullu and Abha were surprised. Actually, by now, Abha had also lost her anger and was only curious to see what all jugglery Paresh and his friends could do to bring the hibiscus flower. She did not show any signs of curiosity on her face though (as a side note: every married woman has this capability).

Paresh was very serious. He was imagining his future to be very bleak. He knew, he would not be getting dinner that day.

After a few moments of silence, they all saw their only savior coming back with a pot in hand.

“Fantastic idea!”, Paresh thought.

“Intelligent.”, Abha thought.

“Will it work?”, Gullu thought and continued, “It won’t work. The guard is already skeptical about anyone who even looks at the hibiscus plant. He will notice you easily with this new plant. You will not be able to replace that with this one without letting him know. I do not think that…”.

bhOndOO’s look silenced him. bhOndOO kept the pot having a nice hibiscus flower on the ground. Abha liked this flower also, but did not utter a word. “Just take care of it.”, bhOndOO told them.

bhOndOO took a deep breathe, recalled Munna Bhai, and marched towards the security guard. The security guard kept looking with strange eyes at bhOndOO. When bhOndOO smiled at him, his curiosity and skepticism did not allow him to smile back.

“Tumhara naam kya hai, uncle?”, bhOndOO.

“Kyun? Complaint karne ka hai? Maksood naam hai mera. Jao karo.”.

“Nahi. Complaint nahi karne ka hai. Tumhe Thank you bolne ka hai.”.

The guard was googlied. Puzzled, he kept looking. Suddenly, bhOndOO emraced him!

“Tum bahut mast kaam karta hai Maksood Bhai. Defence ke baad sab students log unke advisor ko Thank you bolta hai. Tum is jagah ka rakhwali karta hai, ped-paudhonka dhyaan rakhta hai: saala tumko koi Thank you nahi bolta. Apun ko tumko Thank you bolne ka hai Maksood Bhai.”.

Gullu, Paresh and Abha were stunned! They kept thinking that bhOndOO would now get a wonderful beating.

bhOndOO kept praying Munna Bhai. Finally, he managed to clean-bowl the guard. The guard also emraced him and exclaimed, “Chal chal. Rulayega kya. Kaam karne de.”.

When they separated from each other, bhOndOO asked, “Maksood Bhai, ye saare ped-paudhe kahan se late hai?”.

“Apni nursery se, beta“.

bhOndOO said, “Maksood Bhai, appun ke ek dost ko bahut jaroorat hai wo paudhe ki. Wo de do na use!”.

The guard, “Nahi beta. Aise kisiko nahi de sakte. Meri naukri chali jayegi.”.

bhOndOO appealed, “Lekin agar main waisa hi doosra paudha nursery se wahan lakar rakhoon to?”.

The guard kept thinking.

“Ghabrao mat Maksood Bhai. Kisiko pata nahi chalega. Tum ruko, main abhi aaya.”.

bhOndOO brought his hibiscus plant’s pot and showed it to the guard. The guard’s silence approved him. bhOndOO looked around and replaced the pot with the new one. He then thanked Maksood Bhai and came back.

bhOndOO handed over the complete pot to Paresh. Paresh, smiling, looked at Abha who was also smiling.


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8 Responses to “iisc founder’s day and the hibiscus flower.”

  1. Vamsi Says:

    …he would not be getting dinner that day… any real experiences 😉

  2. iisc Says:

    Vamsi, let me not post sensitive matters here ;).

  3. holi hai!!! « iisc life. Says:

    […] think this is the house. Yes, indeed; I remember the Hibiscus. bhOndOO parks his bicycle at the gate. He angles down over his bicycle to lock it. But suddenly, […]

  4. Diannanm Says:

    favorited this one, dude

  5. iisc Says:

    Thanks Diannanm.

  6. kartik Says:

    verry verry nice articles…
    bhondoo rocks!!!

  7. Trisha @ floral deliveries Says:

    I’ve been looking for the web for my research on this field of study. I’m so thankful what you shared bestows a new dimension to the information I’m accumulating. I really appreciate the way which you look at this field of study, it offer me a unusual means of seeing at it now. Thanks for the share.

  8. holi hai!!! « Apkmnp's Blog Says:

    […] think this is the house. Yes, indeed; I remember the Hibiscus. bhOndOO parks his bicycle at the gate. He angles down over his bicycle to lock it. But suddenly, […]

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