“finish this story” contest.

One of the readers of iisc life has sent me this partial story. I could have finished it, but thought of letting all other readers give a chance to imagine the most humorous ending for the story. The winner, as judged by bhOndOO, will get a treat in Tea Board (travel and accommodation not included). Here you go:


It was 7.00 in the evening and yet the lab was as deserted
as it could be. bhOndOO was the only living being in the lab.
He was supposed to write his perspective seminar report
which was due in a week. From early morning till now bhOndOO had just managed
to finalize on the title and was now geared up for writing the abstract.
He was so involved in the whole thing that he had even forgotten to
switch on the lights. Suddenly as if awakening from deep slumber, bhOndOO
stretched his legs and went towards the switch-board. He switched on the
lights and was about to return to his place, when he saw Shami entering
the lab. bhOndOO smiled to himself. He felt he was getting the reward of his
hard work – his ultimate efforts to zero in on the title of the report were
rewarded with Shami’s presence in the lab. He went back to his place expecting
Shami to check emails and leave. But more was in store for him. Shami directly
came to the place where bhOndOO was sitting. A hundred things went past bhOndOO’s
imaginative mind – “She has logged in on this machine and wants to sit here” or
“She has some doubts in today’s DAA lecture – but why would she ask me” or
“Her login is not working on other machines and she wants to try here”. By
then Shami had started speaking.

“bhOndOO I need a favour from you”. Shami was saying.

The word “favour” stuck bhOndOO and he managed to stop his chain of thoughts.
“What favour can a mere mortal like me do to this girl?”. But before his
surpise allowed utter anything, Shami continued “bhOndOO can I join you for lunch
tomorrow? I know you eat at Coffee Board everyday. Is it OK if I come with you?”.
bhOndOO heard someone saying an elated “Yes sure.” and thought someone else
in the lab had grabbed his opportunity. But it was actually bhOndOO who was replying.
They decided to meet at 12.30 the next day outside the department.

bhOndOO’s joy knew no bounds. It was like a dream come true. He remembered all
times when he had wanted to go with Shami and now it was like the mountian coming
to Mohammed. bhOndOO decided not to repeat the mistake he committed when they
went for coffee
. He checked his wallet and found a crisp 500 Rs note. “But do I have
change”. He inserted his hand in the pocket and out came a whole lot of things.
Discarding other useless-for-the-moment things bhOndOO counted the change and he
found he had all the required denominations. He felt happy. “Why are good things
suddenly coming my way? Certainly deciding the title is too small a deed
for such rewards.” bhOndOO discarded these thoughts and decided to plan for the lunch.

There was hardly anything to do in that regard. But bhOndOO couldnt let such an
important event go unplanned. So he decided to spend half an hour on planning the lunch.
First “I will not let her pay. That should be easy, Shami wont argue too much – not
in the coffee board”. The next important question was “What to talk while eating”.
The only thing bhOndOO was confident about right now was his project. “But Shami
wont be interested in that”. He then thought of talking about some movies. “Shami
is very much interested in films – maybe I should talk about the latest ones – Jodha Akhbar”.
But the problem was – bhOndOO had not watched it yet. bhOndOO even contemplated the idea
of watching the movie in the night, but then thought it too much. Finally, bhOndOO came
to the conclusion that he would let Shami start the conversation and allow it to flow
naturally. He felt at peace with himself after making such a sensible decision.

Night was very tough. bhOndOO hardly slept. He kept waking up because of excitement
and fear. Although the lunch was at 12.30, bhOndOO wanted to make no mistakes this time.
He also had databases class at 10 – but that was just a formality. He would make his
appearance in the class and wait for it to get over. When the alarm blew at 8.00AM, bhOndOO
got up disoriented. Lack of sleep and hyperexcitement left bhOndOO confused. But he
was prepared for this. Just below the alarm clock was a small chit in bhOndOO’s own
writing ” Lunch with Shami at 12.30″. Everything suddenly fell in place and bhOndOO started
his routine activities as if it was the most important day of his life.

The lecture was as usual boring for bhOndOO. Everyone in the class seemed to be
asking questions and Prof. Roy being unusally enthusiastic was explaining
each of them with lot of patience. All this did not bother bhOndOO till the
clock stuck 11.30 and still there seemed no indications of the class ending.
He consoled himself “There is still one more hour and I dont need to do anything
in specific”. The class finally dispersed at 11.45.

The next 45 mins were ofcourse dedicated to doing nothing. Doing
anything constructive like report writing, paper reading
seemed to be destructive to bhOndOO. And amid this “doing nothing”
a brilliant idea stuck bhOndOO. “I will ask Shami to visit
the floral decorations at J.N Tata statue after lunch. That will
give us lot of time to be together”. bhOndOO felt on the top of the
world “But what if she says No?”. His inner voice told him “She will
say Yes, afterall she has requested your company”. bhOndOO kept waiting
for 12.30.

At 12.20 bhOndOO decided to go outside the department and wait. He did
not want to get late by any chance. Standing outside the department
bhOndOO saw the world behaving normally and pitied all the world for
not realizing the importance of the day.

And now it is your turn. Have Fun.

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10 Responses to ““finish this story” contest.”

  1. Satish Says:

    What is the earliest date, by which the remaining story would be posted? I am more excited to read the remaining story rather than thinking of it. 🙂

    Please post AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  2. Vamsi Says:

    was that day april 1st by any chance 🙂

  3. iisc Says:

    Satish, I will post the story soon. Sure, this week.

    Vamsi, good going man! You should also start blogging.

  4. Hollywood ending Says:

    This is one of the endings..

    Shami comes out of the computing lab 1. bhOndOO is so elated to see Shami walking towards him. His heart starts beating at a faster rate thinking of the infinite possibilities. Then he watches her go into the office, he is furious, did she forget about him(rather than the appointment), suspects whether today is april 1st, etc. He even forgot to check his orkut fortune, Oh god. He is making all kind of assumptions, blanked for around 5 mins. Then shami turns up and asks bhOndOO whether he is waiting for her. bhOndOO says he is just enjoying the beautiful spring. She is suspicious and checks whether he wants to go to coffee board. bhOndOO is so happy that she didnt forget him. But he still has lingering doubt about the april 1st. They walk along to coffee board, shami and bhOndOO order the day’s special pongal, curd rice and coffee. bhOndOO wants to pay, Shami grudgingly allows bhOndOO to pay. bhOndOO is so excited that the day is more special than he thought. Shami and bhOndOO talk about their project, bhOndOO is so happy that it is about his project and gives some ingenious insights, atleast for Shami. Shami and bhOndOO finish the lunch and take coffee. Then out of the blue Shami tells bhOndOO that she has been reading his blog and likes it. bhOndOO is not hearing anything its all happenning. He is happy, that she likes the blog and he is unhappy, that he has written abt shami in the blog. But Shami is saying something, he then hears her say that she wanted to come to coffee board after reading his blog and allowed him to pay after reading his coffee with shami entry. bhOndOO is so confused he doesnt make a response, shami is confused as well for such an indifferent attitude from bhOndOO to this revelation. They walk back to the lab in silence, each thinking abt the happenings. They say goodbyes. bhOndOO is now very confused that Shami hasnt told him anything else other than her reading his blog. He hasnt checked his orkut, the responses to his finish his story contest, he goes to the lab logs in and checks the responses and sees Shami’s has responded with her own version of the ending.

    And Shami has given him one of the best endings to the story, though not funny. He then checks his orkut fortune, it says “Will make a lasting relationship”

  5. iisc Says:

    Hey Hollywood ending, nice story man! I thought I would have to treat Vamsi for his only comment. But you seem to have been ruling so far. Lets see what others comment.

    You do not seem to be in India, but if you win, whenever you are in IISc, just drop me a comment and I will treat you.

  6. iisc Says:

    Thanks Onkar for the good words.

  7. iisc Says:

    Here is my version of the story. Note that you are free to come up with your own version even after this.

    bhOndOO saw Gullu coming towards the department. “Going for lunch?”, Gullu asked. bhOndOO awkwardly answered, “Well, yes…”. “Okay, wait for me, I will come in a minute from the rest room.”. “What the hell!”, bhOndOO thought and came the reply, “No, no. I am going with someone…”. “Wait man! I will join you in a minute. Can’t you see I am in hurry!”.

    bhOndOO was disappointed. He wanted Shami to arrive at that moment and wanted them to leave for Coffee Board before Gullu’s return. But as if this was not enough, Smit, Guddu, and Dharika came out of the department. Smit asked, “Hey bhOndOO, going for lunch?”. bhOndOO nodded — rather unpleasingly. “Chalo, lets go.”, Gullu joined them, along with BenJi and Vidya.

    bhOndOO saw a ray of hope. He tried, “You guys go ahead. I am waiting for Shami.”.

    BenJi shouted, “And here’s the devil.”, pointing towards Shami coming to them. Shami smiled — looking at the gathering.

    bhOndOO almost wanted to hit his forehead with his fist. He kept silent and started walking with everyone. “But, why with me?”, he thought, “Everything was going on fine! Why these guys suddenly wish to have lunch with me — everyday, I eat alone!”. bhOndOO could not control his anger, anxiety and curiosity, “But why are you all so keen on eating in Coffee Board today?”.

    “Mess A is closed because of pest-control.”, Vidya replied.

  8. onkar Says:

    I do not have heart to try out writing another version, given “hollywood ending” has given such a nice ending. Author can plan a treat for him.

    Kudos to you bhOndOO, i read the article of Cofee with Shami too.. Both these articles have that rare quality which makes the reader connect to the article..

  9. iisc Says:

    We declare Hollywood ending as the winner of this contest. The treat is due.

  10. Palash Aggrawal Says:

    congo hollywood ending

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