if you are committing suicide…

Dear Reader,

Search terms for my blog show me that someone (or more) has (have) been Googling for the following keywords (apart from suicide in iisc) over the last 3 months (possibly because of this post):

  • ideas for committing suicide.
  • i must commit suicide.
  • suicide hanging to a fan.
  • suicide home poison.
  • how to commit suicide with a knife.
  • commit suicide consuming poison.
  • suicide rope hands.
  • suicide by cutting nerve.
  • hanging suicide painful minutes.
  • right poison to commit suicide.
  • ideas commit suicide.
  • how to commit suicide, with cutting hand.
  • poison for committing suicide.
  • rope to commit suicide.
  • suicide by mouse poison.

If you are the person searching for these terms and you wish to commit suicide, it is an earnest request from me not to do so. Life is precious and beautiful. Please do not end it. Just wait for some more time and you will feel happy again. If still you are not convinced, just leave your house/family/girl-friend/friends and start staying alone at some remote place — but do not do something which cannot be undone. After spending some time with yourself, you will regain your zest for life and then you can return to your family and friends. Just look around, there are thousands of people having more trouble than what you have, but they have not lost their desire to fight the most difficult problems. They are fighting and they will win!

You have only one life — live it wonderfully — for others.


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14 Responses to “if you are committing suicide…”

  1. Vamsi Says:

    i like the last line !

  2. Vasanta Says:

    good job buddy

  3. iisc Says:

    Thanks Vamsi and Vasanta.

  4. Sachin Modeel Says:

    Nice Post … iisc … much needed insight at campus

  5. iisc Says:

    Thanks Sachin.

  6. How to Get Six Pack Fast Says:

    My fellow on Facebook shared this link and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came to your blog.

  7. gokul Says:

    Yeah nice.

    I was feeling terrible before my undergrad (BE) when I could not get into the IIts or even BITS or NITs (at least not in the stream I wanted – so I did not even try).

    After a painful 4 years I am now just-admitted to IISc!
    Science/tech is my passion.

    So it’s true.
    Wait for a while and things will change. If you want something you should go get it. And if it fails, develop a thick skin and keep persistantly trying hard to achieve your dreams.

  8. Jenna Rose Says:

    thanks for the info on the search terms… veryyy interesting. oh and ironic that no one searched how to kill themselves with a gun. that one is pretty easy i suppose

  9. blazemarie Says:

    You are foolish to think people will hear your call. Your ignorance makes me laugh for two reasons.
    1. You obviously have never felt real pain. Actual trauma never goes away. Also most people who do wish to commit suicide are already completely alone, it’s why the wish to do it.

    2. There are worse things than death. You only fear it so much because you do not understand. But nearly every explanation of death that I’ve ever heard sounds better than some of the things I’ve seen and heard people suffering about. Commiting suicide is often viewed as cowardice. I however strongly believe that those who commit suicide are the bravest of us all. They take the risk, face the unknown, and step into death, while the rest of us are too afraid to face death even when the natural time to die comes.

  10. david Says:

    Life might be great for people but not for me I am 52 years old I feel like shit from day 1 I have been treated like a dumbass retarded human being completely clueless 30 years now good I am too stupid I’m just 1 big fucking joke to everybody I have been told I when I talk I never make any sensehave never been sane my family I have been told when I talkalways called me a loser and treated me this way

  11. Himanshu Says:

    Suicide is d bst way to live free

  12. Anil Sharma Says:

    Suicide is the most cowardic step 1 can take. can any1 give a guarantee that after ending this life you will be happy in your next life & there will be no problems at that time ????
    Guyz if you really can’t face this life than how can you do that next time.

    “Ending your life can never end the reasons”.

    I strongly believe that by changing the surroundings & the place you live & specially the people you connect can change your decision to suicide.

    Give yourself somtime & think before its too late….

  13. Pp Says:

    Hello, its nice post.many way are been suggested.and one more thing everyone has different problem and tensions.we cannot compare with others.if im not comfortable and tension free i have rights to end my life.thank you soo much .

  14. leo Says:

    suicide who commits were brave but in life they were coward they cant face situation,emotions,life given by god is as a gift dont waste it,u r need of someone who loves u.

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