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can google trends suggest college preferences?

Apr 16, 2008

Similar to how Yahoo! tried to predict results for US presidential elections from the number of searches for candidates, can Google Trends be used to find student preferences for joining IITs and IISc for post graduation?

Check out the hot trends on Mar 15, 2008, the day when GATE 2008 results were announced.


iisc news.

Apr 16, 2008

Indian spin-outs set to flourish.

Indian science could gain from open access push.

IISc to wait for official notification to implement OBC quota: An article from Thaindian News.

is it your mobile?

Apr 16, 2008


  • you do not wish that all your friends and relatives should get a message I am his friend. He met with an accident ten minutes ago and we have taken him to the Ramaiya Hospital. He is out of danger, but still in a critical condition,
  • you do not wish all the girls in the address-book to receive calls from you, and …,
  • you do not wish me to call Maya, whom you seem to be calling every night,
  • you wish that your sleek Motorola mobile should not be sold (I think, I can pay the next semester fees with the income),
  • you want something of this sort not to happen to you,
  • you do not want me to read all 10 new messages you have received,
  • you do not want me to read all the special messages you have sent, and
  • your mobile number is 97395 82918,

then get your mobile from me in Computing Lab II.