april fool.

Orkut - Yogurt - April Fool.

The lab was full. ME students preparing for their project reports, some MSc and PhD students preparing for their perpsective seminars, and the remaining students checking how Orkut changed its name to yogurt as an April Fool’s joke. bhOndOO was also busy — waiting for someone to leave a computer. He waited for 3.14159265358979323846 minutes and thought of returning to the lab after having snacks. He left the lab.

Suddenly, everyone got excited. Then everyone smiled at himself/herself. Then everyone started laughing and then laughing at Paresh.

“It was nice.”.

“For a second, I felt it was true.”.

“It wasn’t very intelligent!”.

“Common trick.”.

“Paresh is a fool.”.

Most of them deleted the mail from Paresh. On his way to snacks, bhOndOO met Paresh.

“Hi bhOndOO!”.

“Hello Paresh.”.

“I have my birthday tomorrow and I am giving a party tonight at Tea Kiosk. Please be there for the treat at 00:00. Can you tell others also?”.

“Oh! Sure.”.

bhOndOO changed his direction. Came back to the lab and shouted, “Guys! Lets be at the Tea Kiosk at 00:00 tonight for Paresh’s birthday!”.

There was a silence for part of a second and then everyone burst out in laughter. bhOndOO did not realize the reason. Gullu, suddenly taking charge of the situation, “Why are you laughing guys! Shut up! Yes, bhOndOO. We will be there. Ignore them, they are fools. But you please be there.”.

bhOndOO did not understand the sudden courtesy shown by Gullu. He left the lab.

In the night, bhOndOO reached Tea Kiosk at 11:55. He found nobody. “When will Indians understand the importance of time!”, he sighed. He then waited for 10 min and found Paresh coming.

“Happy Birthday.”.


The next day, in the lab, everyone received a mail with some photos attached, then they suddenly became excited, then got gloomy, and then cursed themselves — to see photos of Paresh and bhOndOO eating chocolate cakes, samosas and cold drinks.


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