orkut scrap from a girl.

Thanks to Arun, Vivek and Bhupender for the story — on which this is based.

“Why are you so tensed, bhOndOO?”, BenJi asked.
“A girl scrapped me on Orkut.”.
Everybody in the lab left their google chat and came to bhOndOO’s desk — similar to what happened when they all came to know that a smart girl had come to the department for MSc interviews last year (unfortunately, she did not clear the interviews).
“Who is she?”, Gullu asked.
bhOndOO, with a face as if he has found a polynomial time algorithm for an NP-hard problem, shrugged, “I really dont know man! This is her Orkut profile.”.
“Oh Man! Why do girls like flowers more than their own photographs!”, Chunni Babu.
bhOndOO tried to look at her scrapbook to get some context, but it was private.
Suddenly, BenJi shouted, “Photos! She has a photo in her album!”.
Everybody, including bhOndOO, was delighted — as if they got the question paper of the forthcoming Topics in Graph Theory exam.
IISc proxy took its time to load the photos page. bhOndOO’s pulse rate increased by 8 per minute.
When the page was loaded, everybody simply dispersed.

There was a photo of five monkeys looking at a computer screen.


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