bhOndOO steals money.

500 Rupee Notes.

It was Dharika’s birthday party. The number of attendees was a bit more than usual — Dharika being a popular personality in the department. Everyone was wishing her all good. She was very happy. When almost everyone arrived (except the usual late-comers), she went to the Tea Kiosk counter, opened her purse, took out a bunch of 500 rupee notes, and ordered, “twenty-five samosa, five pepsi, twenty tea!”. To her surprise, only one of the notes was used. She kept back the remaining amount in the purse.

The party went well. At 02:00, everyone left the kiosk. Dharika came to the lab, checked emails, replied to them and waved at her lab-mates, “Okay everyone. I am going to the hostel.”. “Wait, we are coming.”, her friends replied. “Dharika, you have not taken your bag.”, Gullu said. “It is okay. Our bags are safe in the labs.”, Dharika explained, “Why carry so much load to the hostel and get it back again tomorrow!”.

Dharika, Shami, and Gullu left. The lab contained five students now. Slowly, everyone left, except bhOndOO. He was conducting some experiments on SPEC benchmarks which were very time-consuming. He had to submit the results to his advisor the next day. For passing time, he read many blogs, surfed net, checked Orkut scrapbooks of friends; but two benchmarks were still remaining. He got up and went to drink water. Hmm, there is nobody in the department!

When he came back, the benchmark was still running. It is so slow, man! bhOndOO got irritated. He started roaming around in the lab. He noticed a red sports-bag at a corner. He stopped. He knew it belonged to Dharika, but he also knew that it contained her purse containing a bunch of 500 rupee notes. bhOndOO tried to drift his attention elsewhere, but the thought of opening the bag kept coming back. This is not correct, he told himself and returned to his desk. The benchmark had given results. He saved the results and ran the last benchmark. The benchmark was going to take another fifteen minutes.

bhOndOO got restless. He opened the lab door. Found nobody in the corridor. He came back and opened the bag. His pulse rate increased. He saw the purse and took it out. He could feel his heart throbbing heavily. He opened the purse to see a bunch of notes. So much money! bhOndOO kept looking at the notes for some time.

His attention was grabbed by an unexpected voice! I am caught, he thought. He almost lost his pulse! It was the wall-clock saying four o’ clock. bhOndOO started breathing heavily, put his hand in his pocket, kept back the purse in the bag, and zipped it. He came back to his desk, saved results, and hurriedly left the department for his hostel.

bhOndOO could not sleep the whole night. He missed breakfast and the morning lecture. He barely managed to reach on time to meet his advisor and showed him results. He came back to the hostel for lunch, ate some rice, and went to his room. Thoughts kept bothering him: I have not done it right. What will everyone think if they come to know? Dharika considers me as a good friend, and I have deceived her. I am a thief. I am a thief.

He spent another sleepless night. The next morning, he came to the lab, and found nobody. Dharika’s bag was still lying unattended. Hasn’t she got a lesson yet? She must be knowing it by now. bhOndOO took out his hand from his pocket, opened the bag, opened the purse and kept back the money. He felt relieved. He came back to the room and slept peacefully.

In the evening, he read Dharika’s blog:

Thanks to the friend.

Someone from the department took Rs.2500/- from my purse on my birthday. I felt very sad. I did not know who to lodge a complaint against — since I believe all my friends. And the belief is intact! The money has been put back into my purse. Whosoever it is — I thank him/her for helping me keep my faith in all my friends. The friend must know that I had saved that money to be sent home — to help my father for my younger brother’s admission fees. Thanks for letting me have this opportunity to help my father.


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4 Responses to “bhOndOO steals money.”

  1. Vamsi Says:

    as much as i understand both bhOndOO and Dharika learnt a lesson, isn’t it ? i am confused.

  2. iisc Says:

    Vamsi, I can assure you that Dharika learnt a lesson. But bhOndOO is just like us — he never learns a lesson :). You never know, he may commit the same mistake in future.

  3. pKay Says:

    Nice story dude!!

    Glad to see it all worked out in the end…. as that is unfortunately not always the case :(…

    Anyway, all the best 🙂

  4. iisc Says:

    Thanks pKay.

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