is it your mobile?


  • you do not wish that all your friends and relatives should get a message I am his friend. He met with an accident ten minutes ago and we have taken him to the Ramaiya Hospital. He is out of danger, but still in a critical condition,
  • you do not wish all the girls in the address-book to receive calls from you, and …,
  • you do not wish me to call Maya, whom you seem to be calling every night,
  • you wish that your sleek Motorola mobile should not be sold (I think, I can pay the next semester fees with the income),
  • you want something of this sort not to happen to you,
  • you do not want me to read all 10 new messages you have received,
  • you do not want me to read all the special messages you have sent, and
  • your mobile number is 97395 82918,

then get your mobile from me in Computing Lab II.


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3 Responses to “is it your mobile?”

  1. Vamsi Says:

    i am unable control the urge to give a call to that number 😉

  2. Sachin Says:

    i think i already tried giving it a call …lol

  3. notserious Says:

    instead if the last line had been “one digit different from 97394 82918” kind of thing the phone would have slept peacefully.

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