dinner at nesara.

bhOndOO dreamed of lizards, dragons and jurassic park during an extended siesta. He decided not to have dinner in mess that day. The reason was a roasted lizard.

bhOndOO thought of going to Nesara — a centenary special restaurant opened in campus a few months ago. The reviews had been mixed, but bhOndOO decided to give a try. He reached when there was a single unoccupied table. He remembered his today’s Orkut fortune: You will be fortunate in everything. bhOndOO smiled (Note: This suggests that Google has enough space for improvement. How can Google create such a blunder!).

bhOndOO settled himself in a chair, remembered his lunch with his father, and ordered a Thali. The food arrived after a few minutes and hungry bhOndOO just attacked it.

After finishing Rotis, bhOndOO noticed a long lizard in a vegetable curry. He almost felt like vommitting. He controlled himself and started looking for the waiter to show him the Nesara blunder. He saw the waiter coming his way. After the waiter approached, bhOndOO showed him the curry. The waiter looked puzzled; he could not understand whether bhOndOO was asking him to eat it. “What is the problem, Sir?”. bhOndOO got agitated and shouted, “Can’t you see, there is a lizard in the curry!”. The waiter looked at the curry with fear, then looked at bhOndOO as everyone else looks, and softly whispered, “Sir, that is Masala Bhendi.”.

bhOndOO looked at curry, then looked down and did not make an eye-contact with the waiter. The waiter continued, “Sir, would you mind if someone else sits at the chair opposite to you sharing your table?”. bhOndOO had nothing else to say, “It’s okay.”.

A slim fair young man joined. bhOndOO was still in the embarassed mode and wanted to come out of it. He thought of talking to the new person.

“Are you a student?”, bhOndOO.

“No, I am a Project Assistant at ISU.”.

“Ummm… What is ISU?”.

“Oh! It is the Instrumentation Department.”.

“I see. I am from CSA.”.

The project assistant did not ask what CSA meant.

“I am bhOndOO.”.

“My name is Gauss.”.

bhOndOO suddenly remembered all the Mathematics and Physics he studied, with specific remembrance of Gauss-Seidal Elimination Method, Gaussian Distribution, Gauss unit of Magnetic Field, Gauss-Jordan Method, Gauss-Newton Algorithm, Gauss’s Law of Magnetism, and started feeling proud to have a dinner with this Gauss. His pride was interrupted by the question: “Which course are you undergoing?”.

“I am undergoing Compiler Design, Machine Learning, …”.

“No, no. Which degree you have registered for?”.

“Oh!”, bhOndOO felt embarassed that he could not understand a simple question and he gave such stupid answer to such a renowned person, “I am doing PhD.”.

“Which topic?”.

bhOndOO knew that the ball was in his court, “I am working in Compilers and “, bhOndOO wanted to take control of the situation by telling something which he would know better, “I am currently reading about something called as Pointer Analysis…”.

“I see.”, Gauss remarked.

bhOndOO smiled at Gauss’s reaction. He spoke in mind, “I know you did not understand what I just told.”. bhOndOO celebrated it by eating the Masala Bhendi.

“Single-dereference or multiple?”, Gauss asked.

bhOndOO simply kept looking at Gauss, “Are all persons by the name Gauss like this?”, he thought. Gaussian stare made him realize that he was supposed to answer. He managed, “Ummm… well, multiple dereference.”, and started finishing his food. Gauss started with his food that just arrived.

“Are you targetting a specific compiler?”.

“Mmm… yes. No, we will implement it in some open source compiler and then we will see if it can be integrated into a commercial compiler.”, bhOndOO was trying to finish his food fast. He did not want more questions coming his way. To change the direction of questions, he asked, “Gauss, how come you know of Pointer Analysis?”.

“I used to teach Compilers at my college. In fact, the current work I do is mostly on programming side of embedded systems.”.

“I see.”.

And bhOndOO finally managed to finish the food.

“Okay, Gauss.”.

“Okay, bhOndOO. Nice meeting you.”.

bhOndOO left the table in a hurry, managed to shake it and drop the glass of water. He did not wish to wait to apologize. He breathed heavily and started leaving.

Someone shouted from behind, but bhOndOO knew it was not for him — rather, he did not want it to be for him. Suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned and saw the waiter. bhOndOO was very surprised and annoyed — he wanted to leave the place where he had faced so much embarassment. bhOndOO’s face made his question clear. The waiter showed him a paper and replied, “Sir, your bill.”.

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6 Responses to “dinner at nesara.”

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  4. rumi Says:

    very well written indeed! but lizard in brinjal rice 😦 i hope its not the same case with B mess!

  5. iisc Says:

    Thanks Rumi. There doesn’t seem to be any news regarding any animals in the food of B-mess. Thus, I think we can relax till then.

  6. benglued Says:

    nesara sucks. the service is very bad

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