dcs submission.

Time: Distributed Computing Systems (DCS) assignment submission and demo.

Space: Computing Lab.

“Any idea what Prof Rajhans is asking?”.

“No. The first student, bhOndOO, is still inside his room.”.

“Who is the next actor?”.


“Aikes! My code is dumping core!”.

“Don’t frighten me yaar, the code was working just now.”.

“Why do you guys make changes to a working code, yaar!”.

“No man. I was just formatting the code to look better. I think I deleted some line.”.

“You are a nerd. You don’t even know how to copy! Just change printfs. Sir does not look at the code.”.

At this time, bhOndOO enters the lab. Everyone looks at him to hear how the demo went.

bhOndOO looks down, his voice low, “I would have felt very bad had I put in any effort in writing the code.”.

Everyone is stunned to listen to an apparently contradictory-looking statement.

bhOndOO continues, “When I was showing the demo, he was sleeping!”.

Everyone bursts into laughter.

“He asked me whether I handled losing connection from more than n/2 servers. I answered. After a minute, he again asked the question!”.

“When I showed him the sequence of messages passing to-and-fro the client and the server, he leaned forward towards the screen and nodded. But it was actually a nod of sleep; his eyes were closed. He was yawning full-time.”.

“What will he any way do, he gets to see the same demo every year by so many students!”.

“I am curious to know who the original writer of the code is. May God bless him!”.

“It has been around since ages. Seniors say that if you trace back, you may actually find that Prof Rajhans wrote it during his thesis.”.

“By the way, did any of you run your program on algol machine just now?”.

“Yes, I did. Why?”.

“That is why I got port busy error. You didn’t change even the port numbers while copying???”.

BenJi smiles.

“So he is not looking at the code, right?”.

“No, but he expects the output of netstat at the end of every connection. You guys add that.”.

“Where to add it?”. “How to add it?”. “What is netstat?”.

“Do system netstat. Those of you who do not understand, just add five-six printfs showing the output of ESTABLISHED connection.”.

“Life is cool with DCS.”.

“I am going to credit Prof Rajhans’s other course next semester.”.

I want to, but cannot thank the students with their names then present in the lab for providing this story.


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2 Responses to “dcs submission.”

  1. Karthik Says:

    Hi IISc,

    I’ve been reading this blog since 2 months n i’m really very very impressed
    All i can say is Tahnk you.

  2. iisc Says:

    Thanks, Karthik. Such encouragement really keeps this blog rolling.

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