a contest for readers.

If you correctly find out the anagram of A DEFICIENT SOUL HINTS, then you will receive a treat from bhOndOO in T-board.

Timeline: Till number of tics of iisc life reaches 10K.

What is an anagram?

An anagram of a phrase is another phrase obtained by rearranging its letters. For instance, ABCD and BADC are anagrams and so are ELEVEN PLUS TWO and TWELVE PLUS ONE (no seriously, check it out here).

For anagrams of INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE, check out a previous post.


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11 Responses to “a contest for readers.”

  1. krsrk Says:

    // Sivaramakrishnan’s comment, edited by bhOndOO.
    ((correct answer)).. Thanks for the hints galore

    You will get ten thousand.

  2. iisc Says:

    The first correct response was from Arnab in an email.

    Arnab deserves a treat and krsrk deserves two (the treat for finishing the story is pending, which krsrk won by the name of Hollywood ending).

    Waiting for others!

  3. Sanchit Says:

    Futilities and chosen ??

  4. iisc Says:

    A very good try, Sanchit. But unfortunately, it is not the answer.

  5. Sanchit Says:

    A Fetched Loin In Suits ???

    this gotta fetch some brownie points…

  6. iisc Says:

    :). Well, unfortunately, this is also not the answer.
    Sanchit, the answer should be some way relevant to bhOndOO, right :)?

  7. Sanchit Says:

    ah.. now i gotta look more… i still have time left..

  8. iisc Says:

    Sure. Hopefully, you have time till the new week starts.

  9. iisc Says:

    Alright. It was an amazing contest. I am sure, many of you tried it offline and were not bold enough like Sanchit to post your solutions.

    Check out the answer here. A DEFICIENT SOUL HINTS is an anagram of TEN THOUSAND IISC LIFE.

    Winners are Arnab and KRSRK. Treats due for both of them.

  10. iisc life crosses 10k. « iisc life. Says:

    […] The contest for readers was specifically arranged to celebrate this occasion. At least that should have given a hint to you while looking for the anagram. Seems only two readers could follow the hint. Nevermind. […]

  11. iisc Says:

    Arnab got the treat! Two treats due for KRSRK.

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