what do we do with the left hand?

bhOndOO’s five year old nephew and three year old niece had been to IISc to meet him. While taking them for a walk inside the green campus, bhOndOO thought of teaching them something. He asked his nephew about the colors of things around.

“What is the color of the leaves?”.
“What is the color of the sky?”.
“Sky Blue.”.
“What is the color of your dress?”.
bhOndOO tried to ask a difficult question, “What is the color of water?”.
“Aye! Does water ever have a color!”.

bhOndOO concluded that the five-year old was not a suitable candidate to be taught. He turned to the three-year old niece.

“Do you know which one is the right hand and which one is the left?”.
The niece could not answer and bhOndOO was very happy.
“See, this is your right hand. And that is your left hand. This is my right hand and this is my left hand.”.
The niece responded correctly, “Right, left, right, left…”, waving the appropriate hand repeatedly.
bhOndOO tried to impart more knowledge, “The hand with which we eat is the right hand.”.
The niece responded, “Right, right…”, projecting the right hand in air.
She then turned to her left hand, and for lack of explanation, queried, “And Mama, what do we do with the left hand?”.
bhOndOO was stumped with a googly. He did not know what to say — rather, whether to say. He kept silent thinking of possible arguments, but could not find one.
The nephew replied, “We drink water with the left hand while eating.”.

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2 Responses to “what do we do with the left hand?”

  1. loop Says:

    paanch vi pass ko bhul jao, aap paanch saal ka bachcha se kamjhor hai

  2. iisc Says:

    You are right, loop. By the way, welcome!

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