bhOndOO’s classmate needs help.

One of bhOndOO’s classmates at the undergraduate requires money for his blood cancer treatment. The details are in the excerpt from an email below. It does not matter whether you donate 1K or 1L, but, if possible, please do. Further, if you are aware of any organizations that may provide monetary help, do comment back.

Dear Friends,

This is a generous appeal to you all on monetary help as requisite for a very close friend of mine, Mr. Ashutosh Mishra, who is suffering from a very rare kind of Blood Cancer.

He is currently getting treatment from CMC Vellore for his illness which mandates him to undergo very painful process of chemotherapy every month. He has now been referred for Bone Marrow transplant as the only option for life and as you all can understand is extremely rare and cost intensive. Unfortunately, the treatment is not possible in India [As he needs donor from all over the world with perfect clinical match and then transplant] and he needs to fly to Australia for the treatment.

It is expected to cost 75-80 lacs and Ashutosh is currently running short by 40 lacs for the treatment. Hence, I request all to donate generously for his treatment to the best of amounts.

Request you all further to pass on the message amongst your friend network for the donation. Please do remember, every contribution of ours can save somebody’s life.

Following is the bank details of the person concerned.
Mr. Ashutosh Mishra,
A/c No–625401505630,
Bank–ICICI, Chamrajpet Branch, Bangalore.

You can also donate using cheque/DD. Use the following details (postal address of Ashutosh’s manager):
Ashutosh Mishra,
C/O Natarajan Narayanaswamy,
IBM India Ltd,
Embassy Golf Links Business Park,
Block D , 5th Floor, EGD-5B-223,
Off Indiranagar-Koramangala Ring Road ,
Bangalore – 560071.
Ph: 080-4177 4401.

PS: Please don’t expect any monetary returns back as this is a cost intensive treatment and will need lots of time to recuperate as well.

For any further details, I can be reached at undersigned note.
Milind Bangar.

Ashutosh has requested the donors to mention their names in the remarks field of electronic fund transfer, so that, if he is not able to collect enough money, he can return it to you.

Alternate link to help Ashutosh, where you can see his photos.

Attached documents:

  1. A letter from Ashutosh’s doctor at CMC, Vellore detailing his condition.
    Ashutosh Mishra - Blood Cancer.

  2. A letter from the hospital in Australia indicating the cost of his treatment and transplant.
    Ashutosh Mishra - Blood Cancer.

Update: Ashutosh passed away on Oct 05, 2008.


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4 Responses to “bhOndOO’s classmate needs help.”

  1. update on mishra’s bone marrow transplant. « iisc life. Says:

    […] on mishra’s bone marrow transplant. Thanks to all of you for donating for Ashutosh Mishra’s cancer. An update is that Ashutosh has found a suitable donor and would have the transplant done next […]

  2. happy birthday, bhOndOO. « . Says:

    […] went through a few accomplishments. But the major achievement was raising of money for my classmate Ashutosh Mishra’s bone marrow transplant. Some of you — whom I have never met, never seen, never communicated with — donated […]

  3. rakhi hemani Says:


    I am Rakhi and was a student of M.Sc. (Engg.) SERC.

    One of my acquaintances ( he is a PhD student at IIIT Hyderabad) also has blood cancer, and needs to undergo bone morrow transplant. And his condition is similar to the boy you have mentioned in this blog.

    Could you please give me your mail id so that we can contact you for further information.


  4. Aruna Says:

    I came across Asutosh’s info on your blog. I used to work in the hosp where he got treatment at Bangalore, knew him quite well as he used to work with my Brother in law. Am also in touch with his wife now. Very sad that his life ended that way. But I am very happy you all meant so much to him and u struggled to raise money for his sake.
    All the very best for you in your life.

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