married apartments in iisc.

While entering the department, bhOndOO saw Megha and Paresh coming on a bike. He waited for them near the entrance.
“Good Morning.”, bhOndOO in an enthusiastic mood.
“Good Morning.”, said Megha. Paresh smiled.
“You guys stay outside campus?”, bhOndOO was inquisitive.
“Yes, at Sanjay Nagar.”.
“You did not get accommodation in the married apartments in campus?”.
Megha and Paresh looked at each other, smiled, and Megha continued, “We have applied for it, but there is a long queue.”.
“And how do you quantify long?”.
“Well, okay. When we applied, our number was 72 in the list. Last semester it was 83. Now it is 73.”.
“What? How come? And what is the priority criteria?”.
“The first priority criteria is seniority in the institute. Thus, if some seniors get married and they apply, they will get a better rank even when they get married afterwards. The second criteria is marriage date. And the third one is the application date. There are also some criteria depending upon whether you took a break between postgraduation and PhD.”.
“Oh! But then when will you get the accommodation?”.
“When we applied, we were told two years. But looking at the rank in the list, it does not seem possible to receive the accommodation till we graduate.”.
“But both of you are students, then shouldn’t you get priority?”.
“bhOndOO, unfortunately, you are not the hostel officer. Otherwise, our waiting list number would have been halved.”. They laugh. “The hostel office people told us in a typical rude manner we see in a government office that there is no such rule.”.
“But then, how come Anjana is staying in campus? She joined with you, right?”.
“Well, she has a baby. The exception rules are never disclosed. But it is rumoured that if you have a kid or are pregnant, you get priority.”.
“I see.”.
“In fact, we applied together. Her original number was 71 and ours was 72. She has got the accommodation, but her name is still present in the list. And strangely, her number now is 75 whereas ours is 73!”.
“And how is that?”.
“As if we have any clue!”.
“Laxman, the PhD student, got recently married, right? And he did ME here? He must be higher in the list?”.
“The Hostel Office did some lotcha with his application. He joined in 2004, but he was put into 2005 list and his number was 24.”.
“Oh! Then?”.
“Then, via his advisor, he tried to pursue the matter with the authorities and now his number is 2.”.
“Oh! So he will get it.”.
“That is also not certain. His number is 2, but the Hostel Office does not have any free keys, i.e., none of the married apartments are yet vacated. So he may have to wait for more than a semester also!”.
“But I heard there is some limit on the number of years you can stay in married quarters, right?”.
“Three years. But there are PhD students we have met who have expressed their apologies for overstaying in their apartments.”.
“But isn’t this three year rule strict?”.
“Well, we will tell you, if we get a chance to stay there.”, and they all laughed again.
Paresh continued, “When we applied, the waiting list contained 72 student names. In 18 months, the list contains 97 names. If this is the rate, it is clear that we have more married students than married apartments. Of course, institute providing married apartment facility is really a bonus for married students, but I think these are not getting managed properly. If the rule of three years is made stricter and some of the hidden rules of exception are removed, the institute may be able to do better justice with all the married couples. Similar to the waiting list which gets updated sufficiently frequently, if the list of students currently staying in the married quarters is also listed along with their staying period, the matter would look clearer.”.
“Hmmm. Anyway, lets rush for the MSR Summer School, we may get late.”.


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  1. Maureen Spagnolo Says:

    Hi! Your post rocks and is a good read married apartments in iisc. iisc life.! Maureen Spagnolo

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    The last line was awesome đŸ˜›

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