research life.

After the meeting with advisor:
Debugging your own code:
Attending a lecture:
Attending a talk suggested by your advisor:
Experiment succeeds:
Advisor on leave:
Semester ends:
Paper accepted:
Experiment fails:
Why did I choose this advisor?:
Before exam:
Failure in comprehensive exam:
Paper rejected:
Advisor praises:
Everyone else goes for a trek and you have to stay back:
7th year of PhD:
Review comments on the final report asking you to rewrite 3 chapters and add 2 new:

Update: Thanks to Vamsi for sending me this link, which names this character as Tuzki Rabbit and shows many more of its animations. Enjoy!

Check out PhD resolutions.


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71 Responses to “research life.”

  1. Sanchit Says:

    awesome animations man.. and yeah hilarious description..
    now m ur fan

  2. Urv Says:

    Funny animations man.. cool ones

  3. iisc Says:

    Thanks Sanchit and Urv. I should mention that bhOndOO did not create the animated GIFs.

  4. Kulbir Saini Says:

    you rock man!!!! awesome πŸ˜€

  5. vipul Says:

    nice one … it was like n i openener πŸ˜€

  6. Phani Chaitanya Says:

    its superb !! you rock

  7. Gopal Says:

    ROFL!! great dude!

  8. Sukesh Says:

    A professor saw this and exclaimed: “truly nostalgic!!”

  9. Deepti Says:

    Rofl :)) Amazing!

  10. iisc Says:

    Kulbir, Thanks. Good show with the Shree Dev TTF. Expect to see more open source projects from you.

    Vipul, Thanks a lot man!

    Chaitanya, Thanks. Nice analogy of apples with selection of partners. Hope, you get your ‘apple’ soon :).

    Gopal, Thanks. Good collection of tidbits. Yahoo! started with bookmarks collection of David Filo and you should see a similar idea here.

    Sukesh, Thanks. Your posts on politics and general arguments suggest that you would do better as a manager.

    Deepti, Thanks. Nice recipe of friendship. But it looks like you have not blogged since long. Your friends must be willing to see your comeback.

    All IIITes, Welcome to bhOndOO’s adventures.

  11. anupama Says:


  12. iisc Says:

    Thanks, Anupama. You are a wonderful poet. Recently, I came across Aparna Ray’s blog. You may wish to visit it.

  13. Karan Says:

    Brilliant stuff

  14. Pritesh Says:

    Brilliant ones!!!!!!! Truly hilarious! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  15. Prachee Says:

    Great Stuff……

  16. skp Says:


    Am I just laughing while GTalking with my Guide who is in US !! :-SS

    I guess one of those cases will cover this situation too !!

    btw you rock man !!

  17. Isha Says:

    AWE-SOME ANIME, the timing rocks!

  18. vivek Says:

    This is simply awesome…..
    And here is smthing which i’d like to add to it…..its in the following GIF….
    The white one is bhOndOO…..and the black one is left to your imagination……it could be the advisor or the reviewer who rejected your paper….or may be smone who did not like this post….
    check out.

  19. Muhammad Asif Ali Says:

    thank god i am not a research student πŸ™‚
    This is really kewl stuff…

  20. nithin Says:

    nice try, not dat good …. but the gif of vivek’s comment was great….

  21. bhanu raman Says:

    amazing;today’s youngsters have so much more in them- I wish I could be as creative and imaginative. God Bless the creators.

  22. Life - A Journey » Blog Archive » Whats keeping me busy lately Says:

    […] : This is the funniest post, I have ever seen. A must see for MS by research […]

  23. ORB Says:

    nice ones πŸ™‚

  24. iisc Says:

    Karan, Thanks and a very useful blog!

    Pritesh, Thanks. Hope your poetry is still following your shades of passion.

    Prachee, Thanks a lot, and thanks for the suggestion in todo.

    SKP, Thanks. The statement on your blog “My blog did not result in any suicides or deaths” is wonderful!

    Isha, Thanks a lot. Hope by timing you mean something similar is happening in your career.

    Vivek, Thanks for the gif. I have included it in the post.

    Muhammad, Thanks. Best wishes for your masters.

    Nithin, Thanks. Good to see you liked something on this blog.

    Mr Bhanu, Thanks for your good words.

    ORB, Thanks. You have a very clean and nice blog.

  25. Urv Says:

    The one sent by Vivek is too awesome. Truly hilarious. The helplessness of the man in black is too good..

  26. Karan Says:

    Thank you!

  27. Vamsi Says:

    too cute πŸ™‚ almost visualizes “The bhOndOO” !

  28. iisc Says:

    Thanks Vamsi. This comment was well awaited after your last comment.

  29. mythalez Says:

    rofl !! So many of them are so so true !! πŸ˜€

  30. iisc Says:

    Thanks Mythalez and congratulations for finishing four years of blogging!

  31. Tata Says:

    NICE animations.

  32. iisc Says:

    Thanks Tata.

  33. Prateek G V Says:

    Too Good!

    Highly imaginative stuff!

  34. iisc Says:

    Thanks Prateek. You write very nicely. Keep it up. Try to increase the frequency of your posts.

  35. Sanchit Says:

    I keep reading thsi post again and again and ROFL-ing every time… this being the uncounted n-th time now.. πŸ™‚
    good work

  36. iisc Says:

    No wonder, Sanchit, that this is the most read post of this blog. Thanks a lot.

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  38. Rajiv Says:

    Nice one dude..

  39. iisc Says:

    Thanks Rajiv.

  40. Namrata Says:

    Great post. Actions so speak louder than words !!

  41. Namrata Says:

    Oops it was ‘do speak’

  42. iisc Says:

    Thanks a lot Namrata.

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  45. Prabhav Says:

    hehe this is one of the best posts i’ve seen.. nice animations!

  46. iisc Says:

    Thanks a lot, Prabhav.

  47. starpath Says:

    This is watercooer refreshment. Ahhhh thirst satisfied.

  48. Supriya Says:

    awesome…. simply fabulous….

  49. Sri Says:

    Awesome animations. Superb reflections on ‘research-life’.

  50. current mood. « iisc life. Says:

    […] current mood. By iisc […]

  51. krishnababu Says:

    Simply.. awesome..

  52. Anisha Says:


    I’m just about to start a research career at IISc, Int Phd, Biological Sciences. Term starts in Aug.

    Great blog! I’ve been reading it to get an idea of how IISc life is.

  53. technical life. « iisc life. Says:

    […] Shami and bhOndOO live happily everafter: All locks are in place. The operating system runs forever without any synchronization issues. Suggest your ideas. Also check out research life. […]

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  55. Swanand Says:

    Awesom and apt animations ….

  56. Ameya Says:

    awesome animations…

  57. Eshwar Says:

    Brilliant one !!
    Mouthpiece of my situation to large extent….

  58. Amit nandwal Says:

    Excellent posting man ! I was also looking for such kind of animations to potray one of my work , thanks to you I got the help from you blog . Keep the good work.

  59. mrdashti81 Says:

    it was great… nothing else. thanQ.

  60. prachee Says:

    read it again today and after working for a year i feel no different… can easily apply advisor = manager above πŸ™‚

  61. krupa Says:

    He he.. This is pretty cool bhOOndO!!

  62. Soumya Says:

    awesome , u rocked it man:-)

  63. Ganesh Says:

    Excellent!!! Real life of PhD students!!!…….ROFL…

  64. Pranav Says:


    Now I can’t see these animations (used to see them before). Why?

  65. iisc Says:

    Perhaps there was some temporary problem. I am able to see those now.

  66. Pranav Says:

    not here .. I’m even getting this err msg when I click on the link to animations

    You don’t have permission to access /emoticon/tuzki-rabbit/ on this server.

  67. NIRAJ Says:


  68. gaddamsanthosh Says:

    Yo man, After seeing this no one will left with out commenting it.
    No word to say…
    Laughed a lot…

  69. rubber playground surfaces Says:

    rubber playground surfaces…

    […]research life. « iisc life.[…]…

  70. criminal justice topics for research paper Says:

    My family members all the time say that I am wasting my time here
    at net, however I know I am getting experience all the time by reading thes nice articles or reviews.

  71. Randomayyan Vijayan Says:

    Reblogged this on At IISER Pune.

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