two lessons.

Special thanks to Satish for composing this story. Although I edited scenes, the idea and the theme remains.

Before classes commence in August, students from CSA department arranged for a day-long outing nearby IISc. Having discussed 8 options, they went to Fun Village — a place which was not in the options.

Most of the students spent the morning in water. Post lunch, nobody could enter the swimming pool: nobody had spare dry clothes! Therefore, they shifted focus to indoor games and some of them started playing snooker.

Our dear bhOndOO was outside; standing straight with head bent by almost 90 degrees towards his right shoulder and was hitting it hard with the fist! When BenJi observed him for a few seconds, but could not decipher the meaning of his act, he came to him and asked, “bhOndOO, are you okay?”. bhOndOO, without looking up, said, “Water has filled my ear.”. “Oh!”, BenJi exclaimed and started laughing over the morning incident. In the morning, bhOndOO did not want to enter water because of a previous incident. However, according to the law of masses, he was thrown into the pool.

“BANG”, came the voice and before bhOndOO could realize, he was on the floor. When he adjusted his spects and came to senses, looked at BenJi and queried, “Why are you beating me? It wasn’t I who sent that mail to Lili from your account. It was…”. bhOndOO realized that he is talking something unrelated and came back, “But why are you beating me?”.

BenJi, coolly, “Has the water come out?”. bhOndOO puzzled, checked, “Oh! Is it? Wow! You are great, BenJi. You are simply superb! But next time, hit a bit softly.”.
BenJi, “Okay. Okay. Let’s go in fast. Everybody is enjoying there. We may not get a free table otherwise.”.

bhOndOO’s brain (of course) translated BenJi’s statement to Shami is enjoying there.

They came in to see Carrom Board and Snooker Tables unoccupied and the whole crowd had gathered around a single table. Both of them stopped. BenJi thought: Is somebody fighting in freestyle? bhOndOO thought: Is anybody distributing research ideas?

They came closer. BenJi noticed four players playing foosball. bhOndOO noticed Gullu and Shami being partners. After enquiring they understood that Gullu and Shami were playing since start and defeating everyone. The team getting defeated was getting replaced with the new team. They stood and witnessed Gullu and Shami winning another game. Someone in the crowd exclaimed, “We can’t even see the ball when they hit it!”. Someone else exclaimed, “Both of them are wonderful attackers!”.

bhOndOO did not know how to react — whether to feel happy that Shami won or whether to feel sad that Gullu won. Pran finally solved his doubt. You don’t know Pran? Pran — the actor. bhOndOO remembered Pran’s dialogue from movie Don, Inspector, main tumse itni nafrat nahi karta, jitni main apne bachchonse mohabbat karta hoon (I don’t hate you so much as much as I love my children) and he successfully translated it to Gullu, main tumse itni nafrat nahi karta, jitni main Shami se mohabbat karta hoon. A smile finally settled on his face.

BenJi was thoughtful. He turned and asked bhOndOO, “You used to play foosball before, right?”.
“Yes, but…”.

BenJi let everyone play and waited observing each game. Shami and Gullu’s team kept winning — sometimes 10-7, sometimes 10-5 and sometimes 10-3.

When the last team was playing against the winning team, BenJi asked, “bhOndOO, lets play now.”.
“No, no. I can’t play.”.
“Stupid! Idiot! Lets go.”.
“But BenJi, they are winning!”.
“And we have to defeat them!”.
“But how?”.
“You leave it to me. You simply do not let the ball go into the goal. Okay?”.
bhOndOO had always played the game as a defender. Thus, it was not difficult for him, but he did not want to lose to Gullu — that too in the presence of Shami.

The last game got over. bhOndOO saw Gullu giving a hi5 to Shami. bhOndOO closed his eyes, remembered the farewell function and how he let Shami win. He opened his eyes, and said to BenJi, “Okay, let’s go and win.”.

“Junta, this is the last game of the afternoon. We then go for snacks.”, somebody shouted.

BenJi and bhOndOO joined the table. Shami and bhOndOO looked at each other and they both did not know how to react. Shami told Gullu, “We must win this game!”.
“Yes!”, Gullu nodded.

bhOndOO opted for defence, BenJi in attack. Shami opted for attack and Gullu was in defence. bhOndOO looked at the boundary of the table and told himself what Lord Krishna told Arjun, “This is your ranabhoomi. You have to fight against your family and friends. Do your karma, do not worry about the end result.”. bhOndOO’s concentration was at peak. He forgot everything, everybody. He simply knew he had to protect the ball from entering the goal.

The game started. Shami and Gullu, being very good attackers, were hittting the ball hard, but bhOndOO was managing to defend it well. BenJi’s attack was not very strong, but he had observed that both Shami and Gullu were not good defenders. He was managing to get goals once in a while.

After six hundred seconds, BenJi suddenly started beating bhOndOO. When bhOndOO brought his concentration out of the boundary of the table, he realized that BenJi was actually trying to lift bhOndOO (and he couldn’t). The game had got over. bhOndOO looked at the score: 10-0.

Junta sarted shouting. Gullu and Shami congratulated benJi and bhOndOO. bhOndOO was on the seventh sky — not because of winning the game — but to get a firm handshake from Shami, that had lasted slightly longer.

While having snacks, BenJi gave two lessons, “First, to become a winner, you do not need to play with everyone, you simply need to defeat the winner! Second, to win, you need to have a balance of attack and defence in your team. Only attackers or only defenders may win matches, but they cannot win the tournament.”.

bhOndOO, in mind, calculated whom Shami would pair up with to win and smiled!


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8 Responses to “two lessons.”

  1. Satish Says:

    Good one.

  2. renzen Says:

    awesome lyk always 😀

  3. iisc Says:

    Thanks Satish — although the story is yours.

    Thanks Renzen. Lets hope we all also get so lucky.

  4. Shishir Pandey Says:

    A good story…
    I have posted a reply to your comment on my blog. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. iisc Says:

    Thanks Shishir.

  6. Prachee Says:

    Good story

  7. iisc Says:

    Thanks Prachee.

  8. Palash Aggrawal Says:

    Thanks to both of you, iisc, u r getting better stories with time

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