bhOndOO tries ambidexterity.

Thanks to the discussion with ambidextrous Chintan that resulted in this story.

bhOndOO is chatting with Chintu, “You are left handed since birth?”.
“No, I was originally right handed. But I read that right-handed people mostly use left part of the brain and hence I thought of using my left hand for making better use of both parts of the brain.”.
“Do you see any difference?”.
“I cannot say, but one thing I observed is that my handwriting is often readable with left hand.”.
They both laugh and come back to the department.

In the night, bhOndOO is unable to sleep. He is continuously thinking about the discussion. Is it that we really do not make proper use of the brain? Could this be the reason I am not getting enough innovative ideas in my research? If I start using left hand, will I be able to design a scalable pointer analysis algorithm? bhOndOO decides that the next day would be his entry into the world of left-handedness. He sleeps, turning to his left side.

bhOndOO is cautious. He has held the brush in his right hand and trying to press the toothpaste with his left hand. A sudden press makes a lot of paste come out and bhOndOO eagerly tries to get his toothbrush underneath the cream. He manages that, but sees a bulk of the cream in a mood of falling down. He quickly lifts his left hand to press the brush against his teeth and manages to spill 3/4th of the cream on his t-shirt.

bhOndOO practices for a week and can now do some tasks nicely with his left hand — like brushing, eating with spoon and hitting stumps with a ball from a distance of 15 feet. He can also type stewardesses 25 times in a minute. He is very happy with his performance and wishes to show off in front of Shami and Gullu.

One fine afternoon, bhOndOO asks Shami and Gullu for coffee. bhOndOO gets into the queue and lifts his wallet with the left hand from the back-pocket. Shami and Gullu do not notice it. He then holds the wallet with his right hand, takes out money with his left hand, and keeps the pocket back with the left hand. Shami and Gullu do not notice it. He then gives money to the shopkeeper with his left hand and takes back coupons with left hand. Shami and Gullu do not notice it (obviously). bhOndOO gets impatient and shouts, “Coffee!”, giving three coupons to the boy at the counter. He then picks up each cup alternatively with his left hand and passes it on to Shami and Gullu. They do not notice it. bhOndOO, frustrated, picks up his cup with left hand and starts walking behind them towards the chairs.

They all lift their cups and bhOndOO starts talking about brain, “It is said that only a small portion of our brain gets used.”. Shami and Gullu do not notice bhOndOO holding the cup with his left hand. Shami says, “Yes, I have also heard that, but I also read that it is a myth and we actually use almost all of our brain during various activities of a routine day.”. bhOndOO does not know how to react. He is not really bothered about how much brain humans use, he wants Shami and Gullu to notice his efforts. He gets further frustrated.

After some time, BenJi and Lili join them. Another sip of coffee gives bhOndOO an idea! He starts feeling that using his left hand has really helped him think in an innovative manner. He asks the newcomers, “Do you want coffee?”. “I will bring.”, BenJi said. bhOndOO, almost forcing BenJi to sit down, “Don’t worry. I have some coupons.”, and rushes to the coffee counter.

“Coffee!”, he orders joyously. He then grabs both the cups with his left hand keeping his right hand empty! He is very tensed, but in full concentration. He starts walking slowly towards his would-be admirers and cannot praise himself more for this innovative idea of showing off. He notices a small portion of irregular tiles coming out of the soil and manages to pass it well. He sees that his friends are watching him with awe. He smiles and continues walking. BenJi tries to get up to come for his help but bhOndOO asks him to stop with his right hand.

Now he is at the stairs. He has to climb the two stairs down. He puts forth his right leg (he does not want to try with his left leg this time), the cups tilt, but bhOndOO does not let the coffee spill. He puts down the other leg on the stair and everything looks balanced again. His friends are still watching. bhOndOO, confident, now tries putting forth his left leg followed by the right and manages this also well. He is overjoyed. His destination is only five feet away.

bhOndOO starts walking slowly towards his friends. A person is standing in the middle not facing bhOndOO. He turns and is about to hit bhOndOO, but bhOndOO is quick and stops him using his right hand, backing off by a step. His body absorbs the shake and not a single drop spills out of the cups. He continues walking and reaches his friends.

“How is it?”, bhOndOO cannot stop himself from pulling out the praise from his friends.
Gullu says, “That’s nice. But it would have been more interesting had you tried it with your left hand.”.


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6 Responses to “bhOndOO tries ambidexterity.”

  1. iisc Says:

    By the way, if you haven’t, see how many times you can type stewardesses in a minute. It is the longest word in English that needs to be typed solely with the left hand.

  2. Urv Says:

    Way to go bhOndOO. May be you can take up some kickboxing classes with your left hand-leg. Gullu will definitely notice then 🙂
    PS: Entire comment typed with left hand 🙂

  3. iisc Says:

    Wow! That was a great effort, Urv — if true :).

  4. Remmrit Bookmarking Says:

    Brush Bookmarks… user has just tagged your post as brush!…

  5. Chintan Says:

    Wow!! great going… hope we make this world less ‘sinister’. You forgot to mention that the nice left-hand-writing comes at a great cost of time. Though, the ROI in terms of satisfaction is great. I worte with my left hand for 1 hour when I was fresh into all this stuff and got great sleep. Guess I don’t exercise the grey matter as much as I should. So how’s the dexterity catching up?

  6. iisc Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Chintan. It is a bit difficult for bhOndOO to continue dexterity, but let’s see whether he comes up with another adventure with it in future.

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