dinner with advisor.

Gullu called up bhOndOO, “Hey bhOndOO, lab junta is taking Sir and his family for dinner tonight. Be there at the lab at 19:00.”.
“Where are we going?”.
Gullu had cut the connection.

bhOndOO felt uneasy — not to get the call disconnected, but because he was not made a part of the arrangement, whereas Gullu was! Such events are very useful to impress your advisor, but I never get the opportunity, bhOndOO complained — to nobody in particular.

By evening, bhOndOO:

  • got his new shirt ironed.
  • got his shoes polished.
  • took bath.
  • started looking like Hrithik Roshan — almost.

At 19:00, bhOndOO was surprised to see all lab mates already present! They never make it on time for the lab discussions, but for eating, everyone is so punctual! Prof Krishnamurthy arrived with his family.

“Who is missing?”, Sir asked.
“Bunty is arriving in 10 min.”, Gullu replied. bhOndOO noticed.
“Okay. Then we all will go ahead. Can someone wait for Bunty here? He does not have a vehicle.”, Sir asked.
Before bhOndOO could say something, Gullu dominated, “I will wait, Sir.”. bhOndOO got agitated to have missed the opportunity.
“One person can come in my car…”, Sir offered.
“I will come with you, Sir.”, bhOndOO (almost) shouted without letting Prof Krishnamurthy finish his sentence. He did not want to miss this opportunity.

Gullu waited for Bunty, bhOndOO joined Sir’s car and others got into Chunna’s car. bhOndOO tried to open up conversation with Prof Krishnamurthy many times, but he was busy concentrating on driving and bhOndOO did not receive a good response. bhOndOO was not disappointed, however, since he had not done anything wrong (yet).

They reached Basil in Malleshwaram. bhOndOO, purposefully, grabbed the seat in front of Prof Krishnamurthy’s. Some informal discussion was on while bhOndOO was looking for options to look different from the crowd. An idea struck him: How about washing hands? Let me be the first to show my cleanliness. bhOndOO got up and went to the basin. While washing hands, he was feeling nice that his advisor would be appreciating him. He looked up into the mirror and smiled to himself.

When he came back, he saw his chair occupied by Gullu.

After a friendly argument, bhOndOO had to grab the corner seat. The dinner was then overshadowed by jokes and funny events narrated by Gullu. bhOndOO kept wondering after every joke, What is so funny about it? Prof Krishnamurthy, his family and all lab-mates except bhOndOO enjoyed with Gullu at the center of the table. bhOndOO felt sad and he kept silent.

After dinner, when they came out of Basil, they saw rain pouring. bhOndOO was overjoyed — not because he enjoys rains, but because Gullu would get wet. Prof Krishnamurthy thought for a while and asked, “Chunna, can you accommodate Bunty in your car? I can then take Gullu with me.”.

bhOndOO did not like that thought at all. “No problem, Sir.”, Chunna replied.
Prof Krishnamurthy turned to Gullu, “Gullu, you leave your vehicle here. Join my car. It is raining heavily.”.
Gullu, who had to return the bike to Chunni Babu in hostel, spoke in a heroic tone, “Don’t worry, Sir. I will manage. You all can go ahead.”.
“Are you sure?”.
“Yes, Sir. Don’t worry. I am used to getting wet in rains.”.

bhOndOO got doubly disappointed that Gullu managed to impress Prof Krishnamurthy with his heroic words! Heartbroken, he got into his advisor’s car. Other lab mates including Bunty got into Chunna’s car and Gullu went for his bike.

It was dark. Malleshwaram roads were flooded with water about one feet high. Many people were standing at the shop entrances awaiting clear sky. Moisture on the inner side of the front glass screen was obstructing a clear view of the road. Prof Krishnamurthy’s concentration was at peak. He brought down the window pane a little to allow air and reduce suffocation.

bhOndOO was silent, looking down at his polished shoes and new clothes. The shirt was white in color with pink squares. While he was looking at a square, he realized that it suddenly changed its color to brown. How did that happen? When he looked properly, he realized that it was mud! “Shit!”, bhOndOO wanted to say but heard it before he could speak. He looked at the source of the voice, Prof Krishnamurthy, to witness his white kurta decorated with small and big dots of mud. Prof Krishnamurthy’s face turned pink.

Past Prof Krishnamurthy, bhOndOO saw a biker speedily overtaking their car. The biker managed to spill mud from the road on bhOndOO and Prof Krishnamurthy through the small open slit of the car window. bhOndOO did not know how to react to his advisor’s anger. Prof Krishnamurthy kept staring at the biker who went ahead.

bhOndOO heard his advisor speaking, “That is Gullu, right?”.

bhOndOO’s happiness knew no bounds. He kept thinking: Bhagwaan deta hai to chhappar phaadke deta hai (Whenever God gives, He gives in abundance) .


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7 Responses to “dinner with advisor.”

  1. Sanchit Says:

    hillarious… 🙂

  2. iisc Says:

    Thanks a lot, Sanchit.

  3. Urv Says:

    He he 🙂 Btw, I too have been in your n Prof’s position. However in my case, it was not a bike but rather a truck and hence greater the mud impact!

  4. iisc Says:

    Urv, seems all researchers go through this phase of life.

  5. renzen Says:

    ..c00L..u rock man.

  6. iisc Says:

    Thanks a lot, Renzen.

  7. Palash Aggrawal Says:

    simply awesome

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