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JEE rank holders have started ditching Computer Science:

Of the top 100 JEE rank holders, about 15% have opted for electrical engineering despite securing seats in computer science.

This year, of the 54 top 100 students, 10 have ditched computer science and engineering and chosen electrical engineering as their first preference.

As admissions opened in the new IITs at rank 600, the topper at IIT-Hyderabad chose electrical engineering. IIT- Gandhinagar also opened admissions with the same stream.

Quota system does not seem to be working at IITs/IIMs:

IIT Delhi has decided to terminate 25 students, many of them from the scheduled caste category, for poor performance.

We found that quotas don’t work as well in the IITs, where the demands for academic excellence are higher.

At IIM, Kozhikode, the highest salary earned by a general category student was Rs70 lakh this year; the highest earned by the SC/ST candidate was just Rs13 lakh.

According to information provided by IIT-Powai in Mumbai, 21 SC/ST students were asked to terminate their undergraduate BTech course in 2006-2007.

“It is generally assumed that reserved category students, on an average, score 20% less than their general category counterparts.”.

200+ students to get PhD from IIT-Bombay:

Of the 252 research students, 167 are pursuing their research in engineering, 66 are working in the area of pure science and the rest are into humanities and management.

Of all the doctoral students likely to graduate this year, most are from the chemical engineering department.

In 1974, all the IITs put together gave the country 184 PhD students.

Even IIT-Delhi saw 140 PhD degrees this year.

Less than 1% of engineering graduates go in for research.

Thanks to the comment from DalitForDalits, I checked out this link which talks about the discrimination students faced from IIT Delhi professors:

Physics professor was taking my viva and I was not able to answer then she became very annoyed and asked me, “Are you from quota?” I said, “No.” Then she said, “Quota means SC/ST.” (and not Kota, Rajasthan).

When I asked for my re-examination, the professor immediately replied, “Reservation lekar IIT mein aa jate ho aur exam bhi nahi dete.”.

The professor started saying that reservation is unjust as undeserving students from reserved category are selected while upper caste students who are meritorious are left out and indulge in theft and robbery.

One professor showed my records to the two neighbouring Professors and said in hushed tone, “SC student”. Then one of the Professors said, “ok, let him go”. No body asked anything about my problems. I felt it was utter waste to attend the SRC meetings.


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8 Responses to “iit news.”

  1. Anon Says:

    The thing is that people don’t understand what does computer science mean specifically the *science* part of it. They think that computer science is just c++ but it is much beyond that. c++ is hardly 2% of it. Fact is that there is hardly[not as much as in CS] any research scope in electrical engineering but it is tremendous in computer science.

    Sanjay Dhande is right in saying that people have a very wrong perception on Computer Science.

  2. Satish Says:

    One reason for this is the low standards of education in normal Engineering Colleges. The common perception is, we read many subjects, and do not use anything at all in the industry. What we need is just C++, Java, and .NET, and we can learn these while studying Engineering. More than 90% of the students in normal colleges have this perception, and because of that they are choosing other branches. The unfortunate thing is, not only the lecturers of normal colleges, even many software engineers could not give satisfactory explanation on why that perception is not correct. That’s why many people are choosing Electrical/Electronics.

    Just one example to support Computer Science for non-research students.

    How many software engineers felt that while writing Connection.setTransactionIsolation() requires understanding of all the Isolation levels like Read Committed, Repeatable Read, and Serializability. They are core DBMS concepts, and are not taught in any institute which teaches Oracle, SQL Server etc.

    In many colleges, they just teach the concepts, and not how it is used while writing code. It is very difficult to remember a concept for few years without understanding it’s use. If the lecturers accompany the practical example for each concept, then the students will understand it better, and we get better software engineers.

  3. iisc Says:

    Thanks Anon and Satish for your thoughts.

  4. dalitfordalits Says:

    What a stupid comment you people are making. Quota doesn’t work in IIT s because some Dalit students are detained?
    Do you mean to say NOT EVEN A SINGLE STUDENT from OC s is detained so far?
    Only Dalit Students are detained? If OC s are also detained earlier we should conclude that OC s are also misfit for IIT s . Isn’t it?
    Many OC s are running their companies in losses. They should be debarred from business as they are not fit as per your comments
    Many and most of the farmers OC s in India are doing uncompetitive agriculture when compared to US and EU farmers.
    All these OC farmers junk should be driven out of their lands as they are not “WORKING”

    DO you agree?…You have to as it is your statement only

  5. sanchitjain Says:

    @ dalitfordalits

    stop giving petty reasons….u r ryt in indirectly stating dat all ppl r not da same, but sum don’t deserve 2 b in IITs….especially those who rank so bad (low rank is gud, so i wrote bad) in JEE.

    I wish dat I belonged 2 SC/ST community so dat i cud get into iit. Itz damn difficult for us

    Most of ur points r baseless……give da farmers technology & c what happens…
    btw, don’t us companies shutdown their ops?

  6. sanchitjain Says:

    but yeah, dere shudn’t b any discrimination

  7. sanchitjain Says:

    Some reserved cat. students got gud salaries, so they deserve 2 b in IITs, but sum don’t!

  8. Surya Says:

    If the discrimination starts at school for a dalit from none other than his teachers how can such a soul aspire to achive higher goals? I think the people from SC/ST cat who made it to best placement offers are much more talented and hardworking under dire conditions than those who can only just concentrate on acads.
    If we can eliminate this discrimination, i totally agree there is no need of reservations in higher education.

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