please take me with you.

Oh Dear!

Why have you left me! Have I become so much botheration for you? I know there was a time when you used to take utmost care of me. But what has happened suddenly?

The memory of our first encounter is still fresh in my mind. There were many people who had come to see me, and I had told them of all my abilities, but they chose others. I was losing all hope, but you came. You stared at me for a long time, and I knew my fate. I had also liked you, but in our society, we do not have a say. But my luck was at its best and resulted in our marriage. I still remember how happy you were to take me home, garlanded, to distribute sweets amongst your friends, and to see everybody congratulating you. My happiness knew no bounds.

The initial days were marvellous. We used to go for long rides — just two of us. We used to sit quietly at the Sankey Tank looking at the sunset. We used to often go to Nandi Hills and nearby trekking spots of Bangalore to spend nights there. We used to go to Udupi to enjoy waterfalls. I must say, those were the best days of my life.

I remember, once when your friend wanted to take me with him, how hesitant you were! Although, finally you agreed, I felt very happy to see your worried face. That showed your sympathy, your feelings, your love! I will never forget how you caressed me after I came back. You decided never to leave me alone. I was on the seventh sky.

Almost every place inside IISc campus has witnessed both of us. I have been your partner in every act, every event, every activity of yours; may that be your dinner at Nesara, your assignment submissions, or your advisor meetings. I have always been with you, through your tough moments, through your disappointments, through your happiness.

Everything changed slowly. Initially, you started ignoring me. Then you started cursing me, and then you used to keep me without food for days! I will never forget how you physically tortured me with your kicks, when I was ill, and could not come with you to meet your new girl-friend. It was very mean of you, dear.

I did not know that your research life at IISc and your relationship with me would end together. You have abondoned me. I am alone. I have nobody except you. If you don’t come, people will trouble me. World is not good, they may sell me off.

Don’t leave me alone, take me with you, take me with you, my dear.

Written on the occasion of disposal of abandoned two wheelers in IISc. Thanks to Sudhira for pointing it out, which made me write on it.

And by the way, marriage also means a close and intimate union.

Update: This post was published in Oct 2008 issue of Voices, IISc newsletter.


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8 Responses to “please take me with you.”

  1. Urv Says:

    Ha ha.. Nicely done man.. I wrote a post on similar lines some time back..

    You can check it up when free.. 🙂

  2. iisc Says:

    Thanks Urv. Will check your post.

  3. Vamsi Says:

    I took it with me.

  4. iisc Says:

    :)). Vamsi, I hope you are talking about your vehicle ;).

  5. Sarojini Says:

    very nice and hope to see many more such good articles

  6. iisc Says:

    Thanks, Sarojini and welcome to the blog.

  7. Kumar Says:

    hi i am proud to see this web site .
    many people many articles many discussions .

    My wishes for the growth of this site
    Thank you

  8. iisc Says:

    Thanks for the good wishes Kumar and welcome to bhOndOO’s adventures.

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