bhOndOO meets with an accident.

bhOndOO was riding his bicycle fast on BEL Road. He was already two minutes late. He had to reach Vaibhav Theatre for Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. His friends had gone ahead to buy tickets.

bhOndOO did not want to miss more of the movie. He tried to increase the speed further and overtook a couple of motorcycles. He felt very happy for his achievement.

Suddenly, he noticed a beautiful girl at a distance. She was entering the Catholic hospital. He kept looking at the girl and trying to get noticed by her for his heroic deed. The girl paid no heed. bhOndOO, excited, removed his right hand from the handle and started waving at the girl. The girl was unimpressed. bhOndOO, then removed his left hand from the handle and started waving with both hands, with an excited face. The girl finally looked back to see two fat shabby animals lying on the road, the conscious one was a buffalo.

When he opened eyes, bhOndOO saw himself in the Catholic hospital. He remembered the girl and looked around. There were many (and only) elderly ladies around. One of the nuns came smiling to him, “Oh! You have recovered? You were unconscious for last 2 days.”.

bhOndOO realized a big plaster on his left hand. “Don’t worry, there is no fracture. The doctor put it as a precaution. You are alright.”.

bhOndOO had just started feeling lighter when the nun, looking a bit concerned, came closer and asked, “Do you have health insurance?”.
bhOndOO realized that she was asking him for the expenses. He replied, “No.”.
“Do you have money in your bank?”.
The nun looked more concerned and enquired, “Do you have a relative who can help you?”.
bhOndOO thought for a while and replied, “I have a spinster aunt, who is a nun.”.
The nun got angry and (almost) shouted, “Nuns are not spinsters! Nuns are married to God.”.

bhOndOO calmly said, “Then send the bill to my uncle.”.


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3 Responses to “bhOndOO meets with an accident.”

  1. iisc Says:

    Got this as a forward, modified to fit bhOndOO’s adventures.

  2. cawe Says:

    brave bhOndOO… 🙂

  3. iisc Says:

    Thanks cawe and welcome to the club.

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