We have too many things going on on our computer with so many controls! No wonder brain gets exhausted! Our Electronics teacher in school used to say, “You have to give only as many controls on a gadget as really necessary, otherwise, the gadget-user will end up blowing a horn when he sees a speedbreaker!”.

Just take the case of context-switching. What all controls do we have?

  • In Linux, change screens with Ctrl-Alt-Fn.
  • In KDE, change desktops with Alt-n.
  • In firefox, change tabs with Ctrl-Tab.
  • In shell, change shell instance with shift-arrow.
  • In vi, change file with Ctrl-6.
  • Inside a shell, change directory with cd.
  • For numerous other applications, use mouse clicks.

Won’t our brain get confused?

Take another case of searching. What all options do we have?

  • google, to search on web.
  • find or locate, to find files on your computer.
  • grep, to find a file with specific keywords.
  • /, to search in vi.
  • Ctrl-F, to search in firefox.
  • For numerous other applications, type in keywords in appropriate search box — like google.

And what would happen when you spend more than half of your being-awake time in front of this user interface? Have you ever remembered ‘grep’ when you are unable to find your copy? Okay, how many of you visualized a ‘notebook’ after reading ‘copy’ in the previous statement and how many visualized ‘copy-paste’?

I am spoilt. Now a days, when someone utters ‘tree’, I see it upside down, because that is how we have been drawing it, with root on top! There was a time when I used to visualize a long haphazard line of people outside a theatre when I heard ‘queue’. Now I see only a linked list. When I hear ‘pointer’, the first thing I remember is ‘C pointers’. I have started noticing vehicle’s number plates with powers of two!

When I see a beautiful flower or sky or scene, before even enjoying properly, I repent, Oh! Why don’t I have my digital camera? When someone speaks a conditional statement, I keep wondering why he did not add the ‘else’ clause. When people comment that a bhOndOO-story is hilarious, I try to find a ‘design-pattern’ to repeat in the next story!

I am screwed. We are screwed.


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One Response to “context-switch.”

  1. Vamsi Says:

    i completely agree with you.

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