msnbc breaking news.

Thanks to Arnab for the idea and some of the mail subjects.

Spammers are joining the community of bhOndOO: they are becoming humorous. If you use gmail, and you are like bhOndOO, you will not simply delete Spam folder emails. You will go through each subject carefully and make sure that none of them is a legitimate email. If confusion arises, you will click on the email to read it.

Recently, bhOndOO has started getting spams whose subjects are worth a read, often worth a laugh. All subjects start with MSNBC – BREAKING NEWS:.

  • Girl cuts off partner’s ear with ice skate.
  • Army Of Two, Dick Cheney And John Mccain Invade Iran.
  • Army Relent On Shooting Live Pigs In Training Exercise – Will Shoot Illegal Immigrants Instead.
  • Mike Tyson To Fight Michael Jackson.
  • Pamela Anderson Shouts, “i’m Gonna Remarry My One And Only True Love Tommy!”.
  • Michael Jackson Auctions Himself On Ebay!
  • Michigan ‘Joker’ Sentenced To 1 Day In Jail.
  • Abortion outlawed in California.
  • Elizabeth Taylor found murdered at home.
  • Elvis Presley daughter gives birth to twins.
  • I will be suing you.
  • Jerry Yang relinquishes control over Yahoo.
  • Bush ‘Troubled’ by Gay Marriages.
  • Microsoft announces takeover bid for Intel, details inside.
  • Japanese Prime Minister denies World War 2 ever took place.
  • NASDAQ index gains 720 points overnight upon war announcement.
  • Tiger Woods to take 2-year break from golf.
  • Vitamin C shows promise in anti-cancer trials.
  • Bush Claims He Has Supernatural Abilities.

Some more subjects can be seen here, the source of some excellent topics in this post.


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