bhOndOO borrows money.

bhOndOO checked his wallet and found a single 500-rupee note. He offered it to the auto-driver.

The auto-driver looked at the note, then at bhOndOO, then made a face as if wondering how such a man could have a note of such a denomination, and responded, “Change, Sir.”.

bhOndOO knew that it was the only money he had, but to show his consideration towards the auto-driver, checked his wallet and pockets. “I have no change.”, bhOndOO whispered, hesitantly. They both then kept looking at each other for two seconds.

bhOndOO took the lead, he asked nearby auto-drivers; but they did not have change — at least they said so. He asked the security guard for change, but the security guard made a face as if bhOndOO was insulting him. bhOndOO felt frightened to see his big moustache and the heavy stick he was carrying, and he turned away from the security guard. He finally noticed a girl passing by. Shall I ask? Will she respond? What if she considers me a flirt? Anyway, it is important that I reach the mess on time. Otherwise, I will miss dinner. And at the most, she will refuse.

With a brave heart, bhOndOO approached the girl:
“Excuse me.”.
“Kya re?”.
Mera dil tere pe …“.

Both of them noticed their mistakes and felt embarassed.
“Sorry.”, came a chorus voice.

bhOndOO forgot the reason for which he approached the girl. Shall I first ask her her name or whether she is a student? Which one will sound less intrusive? May be I should just ask whether she is from BioChemistry! May be I should first introduce myself. Who is honking?

bhOndOO looked back to see the auto-driver blowing horn. bhOndOO came back to the reality. He turned back to the girl.
“Ummm… Do you have a change for Rs.500?”.
“Let me check. How much is the bill?”.
“Ninety eight rupees.”.

The girl nodded, opened her purse, and started checking. bhOndOO was also eagerly looking inside the purse (this was the first time in his life that he got to see a girl’s purse). But when he saw two lipsticks, he felt that it was a bit too much and he started looking elsewhere. He noticed the security guard keenly observing him! bhOndOO got frightened again and turned his head down — towards the lipsticks.

The girl took out two 10-rupee notes, two 100-rupee notes and a few coins.
“Sorry.”, she shrugged.

Her face showed so much apology that bhOndOO himself felt bad. “No, no. No problem.”, bhOndOO tried. He tried to look around for someone else, but came the voice, “You are bhOndOO, right?”.

bhOndOO was pleasantly surprised to know that the voice originated from the girl. Wow! I didn’t know that I was so famous — bhOndOO conjectured. “Yes!”, came an enthusiastic reply.
“Okay. Take these hundred rupees. You can return the money later. I am also from A mess.”.

bhOndOO had never noticed that girl before and there was no question of knowing her name or department. bhOndOO thought: It will be very unfair of me to ask her her name. She already knows me! And my mess! I will not insult her by showing that I don’t know her. I anyway know her face. Will return her money next time I meet her — that will also leave me a chance of meeting her again.

“Thank you so much!”, and bhOndOO grabbed the note. He returned to the auto-driver with a triumphant face and handed over the note. He then made a proud look on his face, waved his hand, and announced, “Keep the change!”.

The auto-driver looked at bhOndOO, gave an angry look, and ordered, “Return this to her.”, handing over a 2-rupee coin to bhOndOO. bhOndOO felt embarrassed. The auto-driver left.

bhOndOO returned to the girl and held his hand containing the coin towards her, “Your two rupees.”.
“Keep it.”. bhOndOO heard it similar to Keep the change. “It will be easier for you to return a hundred that ninety-eight.”.
“Oh! You are right.”, and dropping the coin into his pocket, bhOndOO cursed himself for showing his illogical behavior to the girl, “I will return your money in the mess tomorrow.”.
“Okay, bye.”.
“See you.”, bhOndOO hoped for meeting again.

The next day, bhOndOO spent two hours for breakfast, two hours for lunch, and two hours for snacks and did not see the girl in the mess. His friends kept asking him whom he was looking for, but he did not know how to tell — and anyway, they would have made fun of bhOndOO. He kept the sweet secret to himself. Girls in the mess kept whispering about and cursing bhOndOO, since he was continuously looking at them: Look how he is watching! Like an owl! That shabby fellow does not have any manners! My god! He is shameless. Look, look now. He is now staring at that table. I tell you, he is continuously looking at girls! Hey, which department is he from?

bhOndOO was getting anxious. Was she really from A mess? Was she a student? Did I really take money from her or was I day-dreaming? bhOndOO kept waiting carrying a 100-rupee note in his shirt’s pocket.

It was dinner time. bhOndOO reached the mess at 19:00 not to miss her. It was his last chance of the day. The lyrics of Mere Mehboob kept coming to his mind: Aaj ka din meri umeed ka hai aakhari din….

At 20:00, the mess was full. bhOndOO’s eyes were eagerly browsing over the tables; and he saw her. Ah! There she is! I found her! My efforts since morning have paid. She has come. She has come for me.

bhOndOO took out the 100-rupee note from his pocket and with a big smile, and equally big eyes, started walking towards her table. He was not concerned that the girl was having dinner with her friends. He directly went near her and in a heroic tone, uttered, “Hi!”.

He heard no Hi in return. The girl, including her friends, started looking at bhOndOO. To save himself from embarrassment, bhOndOO introduced himself, “I am bhOndOO. We met yesterday?”.

The girl kept looking, trying to push herself back, away from bhOndOO’s reach. She then looked at her friends, then back at bhOndOO and made a face with a big question-mark on it.

bhOndOO realized that she was not in a mood to show their acquaintance in front of her friends. He felt embarrassed and came to the point, “Okay. Take this.”, and put forth his hand. The girl, including her friends, hesitated as if bhOndOO was about to spill acid on their faces! When she saw bhOndOO’s hand containing 100-rupee note, she tried, “What for?”.

“Oh! Its yours. Keep it.”.
“No, no.”.

bhOndOO felt that she was trying to show her gentle behavior and was asking him not to return the money.
“No, no. You must take it. Hundred rupees is a big amount.”.
“But, but, why are you giving it to me?”.
“Because, I took it from you yesterday!”, bhOndOO tried to clarify.
“But I don’t know you. I never gave you any money. In fact, we never met before.”.

bhOndOO understood. He had a very bad habit of forgetting people’s names and faces. He apologized, “Oh! I am sorry. I think I mistook you for somebody else. Sorry.”, and bhOndOO left the mess.

The next day, at tea-board, while bhOndOO was churning over the girl’s thoughts, he noticed a notice (obviously). It was a competition titled Make a Fool!. The participants should fool someone in campus and bring in the video of fooling the person as a proof. Stupid competitions, bhOndOO thought and came back to his lab.


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7 Responses to “bhOndOO borrows money.”

  1. Satish Says:

    Is the story complete or is there next version?

    If there is a next version, when can I expect that?

  2. iisc Says:

    Well, Satish, from my side, the story is complete.

  3. Arun Says:

    nice variation of the actual story 🙂 😀

  4. iisc Says:

    :). I thought it should not become too much predictable for you and Meghana.

  5. sachin Bloggerati Incredibulous!! Says:


  6. iisc Says:

    Thanks Sachin.

  7. Balaji Vishwanath Says:

    Well written!

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